21 April 2011


It is what makes meaningful relationships. One way or another, sacrifice is part of what makes meaningful relations. A mother withstands discomfort for nine months till her babe is born. And the father has his share of worry and anticipation. It must be worse agony watching someone you love going through so much and not being able to do much about it. And that is just the beginning. After the baby is born, through all life stages, the parents are there, right in it with their child. They give of their time, resources and energy for the comfort of their child.
A pastor gives of his time for the sake of his flock. He is on call any time a member of his church is in the deep, is celebrating or suffers loss. He no longer dictates his time. That is for his people's need to determine. Few times he can have some quiet time with his family or by himself. He's at the beck and call of his people. He has to forfeit some of his pleasures for them.
It's not all rosy for the boss either. Most complain of not having time of their own. The responsibility that comes with authority obviously takes some personal time off. Work preoccupies most of their time and other relationships could suffer as a result if no proper work life balance is struck. Obviously, success comes at a price too.
It makes sense then that someone had to sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. This is the universal pattern. Jesus left the comfort of heaven to come down and suffer death on the cross for the salvation of mankind. With no sin of his own, he died for us. As we commemorate this coming easter, we can pause and count our worth. Jesus died for us, we are children of the most high! And it will begin to rub off on us, this great lesson on giving up our comfort for someone else. Have a blessed easter all.

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