14 April 2011

Grace in small measures.

There is always something You and I could do. Might not be huge but it could change someone's life. Or yours. It's in the small things you do that don't really seem to matter. But they do. And they could be a turning point in someone's life. Take this day, for instance.
It was early morning and everyone was hurrying to work. There I stood at the bus stop awaiting means to get to work. There was a crowd of people already who all tried to get on the next available bus using all means. I stood there, wondering what chance I had of getting on a bus. But that was not for long.
I didn't hear the hoot at first. But several others did and called my attention to it. Right there, waiting just before my eyes, was a car. I first noticed that it did not look familiar. But the one behind the wheel did. It was someone I remembered as a student. That was enough to get me accept a lift in the car. And for the next ten minutes we had a talk.
He remembered all so well. About the day when at school we had sat together for close to thirty minutes. You see, he had been on the verge of despair about his home situation. Things had not been going on right at his home. And that had affected him real bad. He had looked for someone he could talk to in the sea of students. I had happened on him by chance. A chance that  meant so much to him, then and even now.
I was happy when i got to alight after the ride in his car. It felt good to have touched someone's life abeit in a small way. Felt even better that we both remembered even if for just ten minutes.
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