15 April 2011

Friends sent from heaven

Real friends are hard to come by. There are those friends whom you know from having common interests. These are friends who do not really care much about you. They only come into your life because your paths crossed. Learn to take them as they are and dont expect more from them than they can offfer.
Then there are those friends who you meet up often, who are always looking out for you. They call you to find out how you are doing, come to visit and generally charm your life. That's until you run into some kind of trouble. And you are there, looking left, right and centre! Where did they go? Simply put, these are seasonal friends. They will stick with you while the going is good.
There is another kind of friends. These are people, God brings into your life for life's seasons. They are there for you, they call you up often, they are simply God-sent. These will come your way usually when noone else is there for you. They make things much easier for you. Your wilderness days are lighter, more bearable because of these angels. They silently touch your life but leave a lasting mark in your heart. They remind you of God's love when you need it most.
It is important to recognise the different kinds of friends. Then we appreciate the variety they bring into our lives and are not surprised when our season with them is over. Today i thank God for my friends. All of them. But I whisper a very special prayer for the angels that have crossed my life. You were the reminder of God's love when I needed it most.
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