12 June 2012

Calling on all religious leaders

At this time in our country, people have more questions than answers. So much is going on and our people wander like sheep in the wilderness without answers. Lately we have been hit by a spate of accidents both traffic and otherwise. People are begging for answers, where are our religious leaders?

They are the ones who should have answers when noone else will. Try to make sense out of otherwise senseless situations. But their silence is deafening. It is like they are just as confused as the rest of us. I believe the call of God is such that they are answerable to the people they minister to. It is a responsibility given to them by God to shepherd his people. Part of which means trying to reconcile daily happenings with the will of God. If they are not doing it, who will? What hope is there for the people of Kenya. Are we naked and exposed with noone to provide the answers we seek?

It is well and good working to draw souls to Christ. But at a time when people are fumbling all over in search of answers then it would be well for them to take up their place and point the way out to them. Most of what has changed in this country is because religious leaders called out to the people to repent and get right with God. It was broadcast all over the need for us as a country to be right with God. There were those that made light of the situation but I believe that this country was saved of so much tragedy because people were called to come out and pray.

Given, there is the sunday call to prayer. But with the way things are right now we need more enforcement for things to go back to the way they were. Christians everywhere need to be called for united prayer. This is because some things happening now require more than casual prayer. They need us to go into fasting and cry out to God for our country. We need people to call out christians from slumber. Christians know that there are unusual things happening but it is the duty of those called of God to unite us into interceeding for the nation. They are too silent on issues facing the country.
There is a role that religious leaders have that is meant to augment the politics of the land. This is because they are meant to lead a people into repentance and crying out to God for the land. The Bible says that if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land 2 Chronicles 7:14. Yet we are all sitting on our laurels waiting for things to change. It is a lie from the devil for us to accept all the wrong in society. We cannot put blame on the Government either. That is where our religious leaders come in.

Years back, especially during election year, we had pastors calling out to faithful for united prayer for the nation. The prayers would unite Kenyans from different communities and I believe that it is the said prayers that have kept us anchored despite the storms. Even our politicians will bow down to the call of the almighty. So this time it is the pastors that are not utilizing the power given to them to lead people to prayer. People are too busy doing all else to go down on their knees and pray.

We sit under your wise counsel. We call on you when noone else will listen. You help lighten our burdens in life for which only God will repay you. We need you now to come out and tell us God's message for the country. Point to us where we have erred. We look up to you because we believe God had called you to lead us in his ways. Right now we desire to hear his voice to the nation through you. Will you stand up for him? Will you rely his message to us at this time? Will you pull us together so that all kenyans can stand in unity and call out to God for our land? Anyone?