05 March 2012

Attitude is everything.

I was taking a walk just last week. Not in a hurry, just walking to the shops. Just alongside the pathway were two men walking. I heard them before I took notice of them.

One man was pushing a wheelbarrow. And he was talking with his colleague who was walking behind him with a spade. It was evident that these two were casual labourers off to some work someplace. Not the best of work but these two were simply exceptional. It made me realise how much we tell of ourselves to the world even without uttering a word.

They were in high spirits. That I could tell from the excitement in their voices. Then the way they were moving along too. It was two guys, full of purpose off for the day's work. Never mind the kind of work. But what they were saying is what caught my attention and made me ponder.

One of them was speaking. I heard him say how happy he was for the opportunity he had to work. He mentioned that it was a priviledge for him to be up early and in good health. Then he said what has not left my mind since then. Tugging his wheelbarrow along I heard him say that deep in his heart he knows that God knows what it is that he desires. That he believes that someday God would come through for him. It was the way he said it with so much conviction, that made the difference given his circumstances. And his colleague was in full agreement with him.

It made me think of how much we go about this life focused more on what it is we do not have. Oh how difficult life is and cry out to God to come change our circumstances. Little do we stop to think of the motive of what we ask. Neither do we find time to just engage God in a talk on his goodness. Just sit somewhere and savor his faithfulness. Much less testify of how much he has done for us.

You see, those two gentlemen ministered to me right there on the footpath. Just walking by holding a quiet conversation, they did. Made me think how much I needed to find time every once in a while to give thanks. No requests, just to give thanks for God's blessings. That was a  timely reminder.

It is all around us. God's goodness is all around. If we would just take time to notice we'd appreciate him for the good he has done for us. It is in the friends we have. Our good health too. Even in our ability to make wealth. We need to be grateful for even the most little things. Nothing for granted. This is as should be.

It is amazing how God speaks to us in modern day. Even in the midst of a busy day he will find a way to minister to our hearts. He understands us better than we do ourselves and knows the most effective way to speak to us. Ooh to listen for his voice in this rushed life! To stop every once in a while and embrace the goodness of him who loves us with a love everlasting.

It seems God ministers to me in the least expected places. And his timing is perfect too. Reminds me of a favorite story of the greatness of God. It makes a difference who is walking this life with you. A story is told of a mouse that needed to cross a bridge. And so he climbed up the ear of his friend the elephant. As they trudged along the bridge, it shook and swayed with the weight. Getting to the other side the mouse was heard bragging how he and the elephant had shaken the bridge together.

It matters who is carrying us through the seasons of life. If he is big enough to take us through. At the end of it all as we celebrate the achievements, we should remember to save the glory for him. With a thankful heart remember to thank God for going with us in lifes' journey. Just like the two gentlemen I met last week.