22 January 2013

Trust God with it.

We see it from the early Bible times. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac in the land of Moriah. It must have been one tall order that one, having to give up his son but Abraham obeyed God. He did not get to sacrifice his son as God provided a ram caught in the thicket by his horns.

Many times God will ask the seemingly impossible of a Christian. It could present as a difficult request for him to make to the person but God knows just what he is doing. It could be that God requires patience with a troublesome child and one might wonder at the wisdom of God in this. Might even be a struggle of a painful illness that God is letting you endure.

At times God allows us to go through terribly trying times so that when he turns around the situation we can learn to depend on him. It delights God when we put our trust in him no matter what might be going on in our lives. To win our trust God takes us through these difficult times so that we can learn to call on him. Then when he gets us out of it we can be forever grateful to him for his ever present help.

Those who have overcome the greatest trials carry with them the most powerful testimonies. It is in those times when no one but God will help the situation that get us constantly crying out to him for help. God is there in the midnight hour when we fall face down in supplication to him. He is there when we have prayed all we can and words fail us. He hears those wordless prayers of a heart too burdened to utter a word. Those falling tears that fall from out eyes never go unnoticed to God.

I can testify to the faithfulness of God in my life. My testimony comes from instances of so much pressure that I could not have borne were it not for his grace. I have seen the provision of God in this life that was nothing but miraculous. I have witnessed his saving power on chariots of Glory come down to save me. I can surely proclaim that I have tasted his goodness in the land.

I want to encourage someone who is in a seemingly helpless situation today. I want to tell you that God is able to turn it around if you will let him. You need to hand over that situation to God. By doing this you will be surrendering your will and asking that his will be done concerning the situation. God loves to do the impossible for us and he will do it for you.

Take heart friend. Take it to the Lord in prayer. He has asked that we take all our burdens to him in prayer. He delights in doing good to his people. He alone understands our pain, our hurt. It is within his power to make it right for us. Purpose to take it all to him for he will make it all good in his time.


02 January 2013

Burden for the hurting.

I enjoyed my Christmas break on the farm with my family. It was a well needed rest for us all and a time spent together reconnecting. I am forever grateful to God for the gift of family. We had many activities that brought together various family members and I can tell of the love we all shared together. The lazy mornings and the late nights, the various escapades are what made it all more exciting for us. All this brought to the fore the importance of family and reaffirmed to me the important things in life.

Just at the close of my break I was taken ill and needed to see a Doctor. I decided to visit a local health clinic in the company of my hubby. When we got to the hospital, we were met by loud wailing. Immediately I got concerned and while at the waiting room I saw her.She stood crying all alone. I decided to ask some ladies what the issue was. It was then that I learnt that she had just lost her new born baby.

I could not believe it. This young lady was all alone unattended and yet she had just lost a child! Even the nurses seemed lost for what to do. I spoke to the two ladies at the waiting room to help console her. Reluctant on what to do at first but they soon joined me. She was in a terrible state. She kept wailing and the questions she asked were endless. It was her firstborn she had just lost, she said.

In between holding her and trying to get her from the room where the baby lay was a tear jerking experience. The two ladies turned out very helpful and together we shared her pain. I realised that we all have a huge capacity of caring but most of the time we do not utilise it. Slowly the crying came down and she started talking to us.

It eventually turned out that she had lost the baby on the way to hospital thus there was nothing the Doctors could have done. But I still feel that they might have cared for her in a better way. It hurt me so much hearing her wailing and yet knowing that all I could do was be there for her.

Only when her folks came and together they left to take the baby to the morgue did I remember my pain. Grief counselling is essential for anyone that suffers lose. In most hospitals there is not enough of this offered and patients are left to deal with the pain on their own or with relatives. I believe that we can do better in caring for the hurting among us.

It is the capacity to care for each other that makes us human. Life is indeed more bearable to us if we make time for each other and if we realise the importance of being there when we are needed. For this, is something that even money cannot buy. Compassion.