28 April 2015

Lewd dance moves

I just watched a clip of what I consider `lewd' dance moves by some youth. The catchy title made me open the clip thus this blog post.
I get worried when I see a young college student volunteer to dance before a large crowd dressed in scanty clothing which leaves nothing to one's imagination. I mean, these are the youth who we are hoping will take up the mantle of this country's leadership soon enough and yet how can we trust them if this is their way of doing things? Whoever said appearing almost naked before a cheering crowd will earn anyone any form of pride was dead wrong! Then to go on and make those moves that are best spared for the bedroom? 
It seems these girls (and the men dancing so up-close behind them) need a word or two about what real enticement is. The clip gave me the idea that this is what they are very keen on doing. Someone once gave an example about going to the shops to buy a sweet. When you go to the supermarket you do not pick up a sweet that has no wrapper on it. You obviously know that so many hands must have touched it since it is not covered thus even though it is still a sweet it does not have the same value as the one that has both ends of the wrapper fastened well. Sadly, the `naked' sweet loses value not because it is any less a sweet but because of the presentation.
Back to our young girls who love gyrating to music with their bodies all exposed as others watch. It is alright to hear your pals cheer you on as they view you doing all kinds of antics with your exposed body. It actually makes you some sort of hero before their eyes. It will even earn you the attention of several guys, curious to `sample' what they see. Doesn't matter that you would not think of letting your parents catch you doing anything like this since they have taught you otherwise. For a while you will enjoy the glory of the moment and then reality dawns on you. 
It begins when you watch that girl in your class whom you considered too laid back, sail through college with little effort. Why should she not, when she had so much time in her hands to do what took her to campus? A few years later you will hardly recognize her as she will have not only made something of her life but will have also attracted a decent guy to settle down with. Do not be surprised when she hands you a wedding invitation thus. 
Men know what they want when it comes to settling down. They will have all the fun they can with any girl who is willing but when it comes to settling down will give you a shocker. Do you know that `player' who settled down with the most down to earth girl for a wife? See what I am talking about?
Think about this next time you want to expose too much skin and declare to the world how well you know the `moves'. Those people will be happy for the entertainment and nothing more. You will have to deal with those empty feelings once the dust settles down. 
A girl who dresses decently and is respectful is a real temptation to men. Guys have an eye for beauty even when it is all covered up with clothes and decency earns you their respect. They will be more cautious to approach you as you present as a secure person to them. And when you two finally get together, it will be in a relationship based on respect and in a civilized manner. Even though he might encounter those girls who are willing to show off skin in public he will appreciate that he got the real thing back at home. See what I mean?

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