02 July 2012

Invitation to Accept Jesus

They sat huddled up together. There was so much fear in the house that you could actually put a hand on it. The kids hung on to their parents in hope of sorts. The two grown ups were a bunch of nerves too. This was bigger than anything any of them had dealt with before. There was no doubt that the family was under attack.

It had been going on for several nights now. They had tried seeking counsel from friends to no avail. No one seemed to know just what to do in the circumstances. Fear seemed to fill every room in their house. It was so real that none of the family members could bring themselves to be alone for a moment. This is how they had spent several nights in a row. Trying the best way they knew to fight off fear. It seemed like fear had taken over their lives and was threatening to suffocate them even further. They needed a bigger power to fight it but that was one thing they did not have.

Many people struggle with issues in their lives for such a long time on their own. The only way they get anything done is to do it themselves. They lean on their own understanding since that is all they know. They might have heard of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ but are not yet willing to let him in to all areas of their lives. And so many people are living lives that are oppressed for lack of anything better to do. It could be that illness that has found a home in your body. It helps if you take it to the Lord as he has asked us to take our burdens to him. He will make the load more bearable for us if we trust it with him. And he is faithful to fulfill his promises.

Nothing is too big or too small to take to the Lord. What might be impossible to us is very simple to God. But for him to get involved in our lives we need to ask him in. We give him a place in our hearts so that once he has a foothold he can then get to work sorting out issues in our lives. He cannot do that from the outside of our hearts. He needs us to let him in. Once he comes in then it becomes easy for him to deal with what it is we present before him because he has permission that we grant him on accepting him into our lives. That is why it is very important for every person to accept Jesus in his live because there will be issues in life that we cannot handle on our own. We neee to have him in our lives so that we can enjoy the fullness of his saving Grace to the full.

Each one of us needs something or someone to fall back on. And just like a child who is afraid of the dark we need one to cling on to when the storms of life come. But more important is forming a relationship with Jesus so that he is involved in all the seasons of our lives. He can be there to share our happiness and our sadness too. It is not enough to call on him just when the ship is sinking but to call on him when all is going on well too. There is nothing like sharing happy times with one who is close to you.

You will be amazed how much Jesus will do once you let him in. He will set to work so that your life will bring glory to his name. He will do well to make sure that anyone called by his name shall not be put to shame. It doesn't mean that our lives cease to have troubles once we accept him, it is just that it will be more bearable with him on our side. Jesus feels our pain and suffering. It hurts him more than we know when people struggle with so much on their own. So much of the suffering in the world would be easier if people would seek the help of the Lord. All other solutions cannot face up to Jesus. They may last but for a while. But when we let Jesus into our lives he not only changes circumstances in our lives but also brings a breath of fresh air our way. He enables us to go through live victoriously and most of all he walks the paths of life with us.

He will do it for you. He will give you a new lease of life. He will purge all the bad habits and you can start a new life. Forgiven of all the past. He will give you joy unspeakable so that even in times of pain you can lift up a song to him. If you invite him into your life you can cast your burdens unto him. No care will be yours alone. He has promised to. Try him and see if Jesus will not bring such change your way you will wonder why it took you so long to know him. Noone has come to know Christ and lived a life of regrets again. He makes all things new and will fill your heart with peace. All you need to do is ask him in. Behold, he stands at the door. Let the saviour of the world have a place in your heart today.

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