02 June 2011

If you ask me...

Lilian Muli is doing a good job. Reaching out to the forgotten members of our society and highlighting their plight is nothing less but noble. And unless she is a real good actress, she actually seems to feel for these people. Take the case of women in jail.
I had never known, until she brought that programme on air, what those behind bars go through. It was eye-opening to see life through the eyes of the prisoners. And to even listen to some of them offer some words of advice to those of us out here on the best way to handle tough issues of life. Talk about experience being the best teacher. This just confirms that there are many ways to break a human being. Some for the better. I listened to a lady recount some gory details of her reason for being behind bars. Most people are quick to pass judgement to a woman who does anything to hurt her child. Given, it is the least expected from one who gives life and is not expected to aid in taking the same(life). But the stories these women highlighted were heart wrenching ones of people who had been pushed to the wall and given in to the pressure. In the process their lives were changed for ever. And those of the ones they love too.
One thing that stood out when listening to these people is that the human heart is made with a place for remorse. Even after committing the most outrageous act a man will eventually get to that stage. Why did I do it? Hide behind alcohol or even drugs but that small voice is always going to be with you. I guess it God's way of ensuring that man faces up to his actions, albeit inwardly.
It was even more surprising to listen to the men. Grown men literally breaking down while recounting  the actions that led to their incarceration(mmmh). Men do cry? Remorse??That just confirmed to me how things change with time. The playbacks must be horrible.
And so I am waiting for the next episode about the drug addicts of Mombasa. From the preview it looks like it will be something worth watching. Everyone has a story to tell. If  we could all take some time to listen it is amazing to know what goes on in others' lives. And our own. That way none of us will be too quick to pass judgement. But not condone bad behaviour either.
Most of the bad that happens in our society only serves to offer a story for the day. It rarely goes beyond that. Crowds mile around to see the results of domestic violence gone bad, shake their heads and speak in low tones. A few even shed tears. But mainly for the kids involved. Few stop to think of the reasons that might have led to the killing of a spouse. Afterall, it cannot happen to me, can it now? Such is the reasoning. Up until the next story hits the headlines of  the couple in the neighborhood who appear so normal. That the man killed the wife. Then all realize that it is closer than we all think. This temporary loss of sanity is with us all the time.
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