14 November 2018


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Anyone been through the fire and came out gasping for breath but still alive? Am pretty sure mention of fire puts your mind on the alert as it symbolizes danger most of the time. Fire is quite useful in many ways around the house such as to warm ourselves as well as cooking. 
The kind of fire I refer to here however, is the one that easily engulfs a person or place, bringing with it destruction in its wake. Such as happened in Bible times when Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown in the fire to burn. 
There are many kinds of fire one might encounter in the journey of life. It could be fire of an illness that robs you joy, leaving you barely hanging on. Or a troubled marriage that has succeeded in taking away all happiness in the union. Perhaps you might be going through difficult times at your place of work and this has caused you more concern than gladness.

Whatever your fire, Christ died on the cross to make it easier for you to go through. His death at calvary gave us strength to be able to withstand fire in life. You could get scalded at times but he will not let you burn in whatever your fire nonetheless.
Am sure you are aware of the weapons given to us by Christ to help us during times of fire. Prayer is key as it calls out for help from God. It is amazing what God can do when we call out to him in times of distress. 
Through his blessed sacrifice Christ made us fireproof through the journey of life. True we suffer trials and tribulations, but are made victorious by his presence in our lives. We do not face trouble on our own but have Christ to walk with us all the way. Indeed, we are fireproof as sons and daughters of the most high! How wonderful it is knowing that!