23 May 2011

Let's talk about sex

Lately I have been watching the programme connect on K24. With awe. I just cannot believe that one subject can elicit so much discussion and detail. They call it mombasa raha there which is just another word for sex. And do i imagine or is the hostess of the programme trying hard not to laugh? I would, if i were to sit there listening to so much details about sex and told in such a dramatic way.
While I have nothing against the topic of the birds and bees, I have some reservations on offering details on each and every aspect of it. It takes two to tango and it is up to those two to discover what is pleasing to the other in a relationship. What works for one couple may not work for another because they have discovered their own way of getting to mombasa raha so to say. And so I watch this very educative programme for only a few minutes but just to get amazed at the zest of  the whole thing.
Given, sex is a topic that needs a lot of discussion especially to the youth. But I sometimes wonder, if I were to give a lecture on the same to a college student who has more facts on the same from spending lots of time online in some crazy websites, would it bear fruit? Of course I would be telling the girl on the value of chastity and how good it is to wait(chill) but I can just imagine what might be going on in her mind just then. She might be wondering what generation I come from to advice her such when all her friends and the media is drumming an exact opposite message. And so as much as I might spend time with her, Speaking to her on the topic she might not benefit much from it. Mainly because she could be having more colorful advice from else where.
Given, the morals of the youth is a great concern. I say youth because anyone who is old enough to make irrational decisions on their sexuality only has himself to blame. But the youth are so vulnerable even falling prey to older people who ought to know better than to lure one not old enough to deal with consequences relating to sex! And these predators sure know their game. Exotic treats here and there, colorful texts written to a girl who is battling with self esteem sure do miracles. Not to mention that most valuable airtime! All this ends up making the girl valued, overlooking her parents who work so hard to give her an education and provide all the necessities, all which pale in comparison to the love gifts from the predators.
It makes me wonder, the men (and even women) who prey on the youth for sex, how do they live with themselves? How do you go to sleep at night knowing that you are seeing someone who should be bent on making a future for themselves by preying on their naivety? What happened to good old conscience?
And so it might help to have programmes addressing issues of the youth. That way they might learn that all that they see on television and those websites is actually not meant for them yet but is meant for people old enough to deal and live with the responsibility of being sexually active.

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