27 February 2014

Real sex.

I was listening to a local radio station this morning discussing a topic that I have held back on for quite a while and found myself nodding all the way. It was about the effects that pornography has on the users and also the truth about the emotional side of sex.
Having observed the younger generation I am still in shock at what they are missing out in the area of relationships and sex. For them, it has become sort of a `status quo' kind of thing to sleep with anyone who cares to notice. What we see thus is a generation of people who do all they can to look attractive and sexually appealing on the outside while completely disregarding the emotional part of it.
It is no longer necessary to woo a girl, just drop a few lame sexy lines and you got yourself a lay. The girls do not seem to care that there is often no emotional attachment and seem to view anyone who asks for a roll in the hay as a one sent from heaven to rescue them.
What this has led to is a generation of young people and those young at heart, who do not require a good reason to hop into bed with a guy. There is no way you will meet someone for a short time and claim to know them well enough, complete with their sexual history.
Much of the crazed sex escapades stem from the stuff that people are watching on any screen available. Pity that pornography is available to any (even school kids) and it is no wonder that we are seeing a generation, both young and old, of people who have perverted the very act meant for commitment and sanctity to something piteously cheap.
Pornography doubtless does not add any value to one except to create an unnecessarily insensitive atmosphere for sex. Anyone who is (or hopes to one day be) in a loving relationship should steer away of anything that does not afford the partner an equal amount of pleasure. It is selfish and immoral (and even inhuman) to take your fill as your partner suffers pain and humiliation in your hands.Much like animals that do not care about how their partner feels since it is just copulation to them.
It is evident from the breakdown in marriages and relationships that the element of selfishness has quickly crept in sex too. Since only the physical need is met the ladies are let wondering what happened to the bonding that they expect therein. There is bound to be trouble when one partner feels like he/she is always on the giving and never the receiving end.
And so anyone wishing to engage in the act should use the human approach to it and leave the wild acts and the unpleasant language to the beasts. Girls remember the soft words spoken to them by a love crazed man years later. And men rarely take some wild crazed girl to the altar since that is a recipe for disaster.
God did not make sex as a tool of commerce nor as a way of fulfillment for one partner only. He made it so that two people who care deeply about another can express their love in the most intimate and rewarding way possible without shame and rebuke. All other adaptations of sex are mere fakes that will eventually come tumbling down leaving  behind broken hearts and at times irreversible consequences. 

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