29 April 2011

Dads are special people. They may not be perfect but they are important for the running of the family. Especially when mum decides to go all jelly even after the kids misbehave. Then, dad steps in and takes control of the situation. Emotions aside, lets-face-the-facts, he deals with it. And sometimes even when mum is wincing as discipline is being meted to the kids, he still does it. Unflinching. Representing the hard side of life to the kids from an Early stage.
I have always loved mine. And no, he's far from perfect but yes I still love him. I treasure my time with him to date. He understands me. And predicts. I found that so annoying growing up but now appreciate it. That he could almost tell my next move. With precision. The confidence he has in me has steered me to places I would not have gone on my own strength. Just knowing that dad is behind me gives me the courage. Just a nod from dad is good enough for me.
And so I treasure the role of dads in families. I agree some people may not have much to say about their dad. I feel for them. But it surprises me to see dads who don't seem to have any idea of their importance to their children. These dads go about life like no one needs them and shirk all responsibility of their kids. It's not enough to provide for the family. Most times what the children and wifey will remember and treasure is the time dad spends with them. Not just there, but involved with them. Those jokes shared at the family living room. The way dad fixes stuff around the house. The feeling of protection when he is home and the homework time is priceless. Even those scary moments with dad when he lets little girl attempt some task unaided and seemingly dangerous count.
Great dads make happy children. And a contented wifey. Picture the Obamas. Gives you that warm feeling, right. And yet we have great ones too among us. Who go on tirelessly to give their family the best. Sometimes they may not express how they feel as openly but yes the feelings are there. Hidden behind those lined faces and hefty arms. With strength enough to cushion their kids against the world. And train them to make a head start in life. Courageously. Fearlessly.

I see them in the shopping centres with wide-eyed children. Trying to cope with the requests pointed out by little hands. They trudge on, promising themselves to work harder to get little one what they point out. Next time. I see them in church. Cradling little ones in their arms. Patiently trying to understand their needs. Exercising patience out most. And wifey gets to listen in on the sermon uninterrupted.  I even see them at the clinic. Sitting there with the little ones. Patiently hoping their child gets better soon. And at the graduation. Little one may only be moving to the next class but she beams at dad taking a picture of her in her gown. She just made it from preschool!And at the wedding. Dad sitting at his seat. Waiting to give away his little girl. Sure he will miss her and hoping she will be taken care of at her new home. Like in her previous.
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