28 February 2013


She tries to hold the tears in check
but they fall unreserved from her eyes
eyes that have had more
than their share of crying.

Anyone seeing her would not know,
the pain inside her heart
the uncertainity she carries along
unsure of what tomorrow brings.

One might be fooled by her smile
the one that never leaves her face
no matter that the storm rages
it remains fixed for all to see.

But when alone where noone else sees
alone with only God watching
she will let it all out
she will gain relieve in the tears.

Noone told her growing up
of the silent tears she would endure
tears that would come from her heart
understood by noone else.

She has heard of the saying before
strength of a woman they say
despite what might be going on with her
to brave it all and smile.

19 February 2013


The night held promise of an exciting time for all the students that would be attending the dinner dance that day. It had been a tough first semester for the first year campus students and this was a welcome distraction for them. Most of the afternoon was spent in preparation for the evening.
Joy sat in her campus room wondering if she should go. All her classmates would be at the dance and had kept urging her to join them. Someone had even gone ahead and offered her an outrageously skimpy skirt for the evening. She wrestled with thoughts of remaining locked up in her room but could not imagine being the laughing stock of her class as everyone would be discussing the event the following day. She could however not forget the talk that she had had with her youth pastor on guarding her faith while at campus.
When the Clock struck seven she was all set to go. She decided that she would not be left behind but would go to the dance. Donning a pair of formal pants and a t-shirt she made her way to the hall where everyone was rocking to the music already. She opted to sit farthest from the dance floor and sat there sipping a cold soda as she watched. She could not help but notice how some of her seemingly gullible classmates seemed to have let their guard down and were going at the party full force. Most of them were drunk and went out of their way to identify by trying out different antics on the floor.
Someone offered to dance with Joy but she declined feigning a headache. She knew that she must not compromise her faith and was only here for show. It was not a wasted evening for Joy however. Sitting there at her little corner, she realized the need for her to represent Christ on campus. Watching many students give in to pressure from their colleagues, Joy got an even better understanding of her role in representing her faith to her fellow students.
It was a sober joy that went back to her room that night. Her resolve had been strengthened from her experience that evening. She felt proud of holding strong to her faith and was more determined than ever to stay strong. What Joy did not realize was that she was had just stepped into her ministry on campus. She would try and fill the gap for the missing link while at campus. She did not know yet was the number of students who had watched her quiet composure that evening and could not wait to find out her source of strength to defy pressure.
The following morning was a maze of misery for some students on realizing just how much they had compromised their values that previous evening. Drunkenness and loss of moral values was top on the list of what Joy would be dealing with on campus. Not to mention the guilt.

14 February 2013


I treasure the words from my first ever valentine card. I was in high school and my hubby sent it to me.

It happened when I saw you smile,
Your eyes looked into mine.
I've loved you dearly since that day,
Please be my valentine!

I could recite those words even in my sleep.