21 March 2014

Called to be sensitive

If you look around you there is a lot of people that could use help from you. It is easy to get so caught up with chasing after stuff that we sometimes forget to look out for one another. We forget that no matter how much we achieve in life if we are surrounded by others who are struggling then it will not be all joy for us too. 
God created us to need one another and when we attempt to be self reliant not needing those that God has placed around us then we miss out a lot of what God has in store for us. It is important to remember that you cannot make it on your own no matter that you might have all that you need since there are some things that only another human being can do for you. It is more useful to think about people who pray and stand with you throughout life's journey. 
God uses people to bring blessings to us. It might be that person who stands with you during a particularly trying time in your life. Or the friend who sticks with you closer than a brother. It might even be that person who you meet by chance and they give you a word that is particularly relevant to a situation that you could be going through. I like to think that nothing happens by chance to those who trust in the Lord.
As humans we are created to desire sharing our lives with others. When we attempt to quell this need then we lose the very essence of being created by God to look out for each other.There is a favorite song that I like to listen to, one that blesses my heart all the time. 
A young man narrates how coming from a poor family his siblings and he often went to bed with nothing to eat. The story goes on about how he would often cry out to God about the situation at home and also offer comfort to the other kids since he was the first born. It was a painful experience having to watch the young ones going to bed hungry but there was little he could do.
This went on for most of his young life and he kept on praying to God to come and change the situation in his family. Things seemed so bleak that no help seemed to be coming their way. Then one day the family got an unusual visitor. He drove up to their mud hut with food in the boot that would last them a month. Aside of that he offered the father of the home a job and so left with him that day.
Anyone who has had an angel come to them just when they needed help knows what I am talking about. The phone call that comes through just when you are almost giving up. That email that makes you give a shout of joy after receiving what can only be the best news in a long time. Better still it is that person who knocks at your door at a time that you are hungry for ministering from God.
We need to be sensitive to each other for this is the will of God for us. There is so much fulfillment in doing something that brings change in a person's life. More often we are called to give of our time, money and substance as well. Look out for opportunities to give since you will be doing the will of God. 
There is always someone who could use a word of encouragement. Reach out to them with love and if you ask God he will direct you on the way to minister to them. When you go through for someone at their point of need you extend the love of God in the world. It is only when we are there for each other that we are able to pass his love to mankind all over the world.

27 February 2014

Real sex.

I was listening to a local radio station this morning discussing a topic that I have held back on for quite a while and found myself nodding all the way. It was about the effects that pornography has on the users and also the truth about the emotional side of sex.
Having observed the younger generation I am still in shock at what they are missing out in the area of relationships and sex. For them, it has become sort of a `status quo' kind of thing to sleep with anyone who cares to notice. What we see thus is a generation of people who do all they can to look attractive and sexually appealing on the outside while completely disregarding the emotional part of it.
It is no longer necessary to woo a girl, just drop a few lame sexy lines and you got yourself a lay. The girls do not seem to care that there is often no emotional attachment and seem to view anyone who asks for a roll in the hay as a one sent from heaven to rescue them.
What this has led to is a generation of young people and those young at heart, who do not require a good reason to hop into bed with a guy. There is no way you will meet someone for a short time and claim to know them well enough, complete with their sexual history.
Much of the crazed sex escapades stem from the stuff that people are watching on any screen available. Pity that pornography is available to any (even school kids) and it is no wonder that we are seeing a generation, both young and old, of people who have perverted the very act meant for commitment and sanctity to something piteously cheap.
Pornography doubtless does not add any value to one except to create an unnecessarily insensitive atmosphere for sex. Anyone who is (or hopes to one day be) in a loving relationship should steer away of anything that does not afford the partner an equal amount of pleasure. It is selfish and immoral (and even inhuman) to take your fill as your partner suffers pain and humiliation in your hands.Much like animals that do not care about how their partner feels since it is just copulation to them.
It is evident from the breakdown in marriages and relationships that the element of selfishness has quickly crept in sex too. Since only the physical need is met the ladies are let wondering what happened to the bonding that they expect therein. There is bound to be trouble when one partner feels like he/she is always on the giving and never the receiving end.
And so anyone wishing to engage in the act should use the human approach to it and leave the wild acts and the unpleasant language to the beasts. Girls remember the soft words spoken to them by a love crazed man years later. And men rarely take some wild crazed girl to the altar since that is a recipe for disaster.
God did not make sex as a tool of commerce nor as a way of fulfillment for one partner only. He made it so that two people who care deeply about another can express their love in the most intimate and rewarding way possible without shame and rebuke. All other adaptations of sex are mere fakes that will eventually come tumbling down leaving  behind broken hearts and at times irreversible consequences. 

06 February 2014

A few good people

Recently, I had an encounter that goes to prove that there are still good people in the world. I got an experience that totally blew me off my mind.
My girl was travelling to the South Coast and all plans were in place.Having left Nairobi with the 9:30 am coastair, she was meant to be in Mombasa at around 5:00 pm that evening and plans had been made to have someone awaiting her on the other end. However there was some delay in Mariakani which saw her get to Mombasa after 6:00 pm. 
Not being very familiar with the town and with luggage in tow, she needed help to get to cross over the ferry so that she could get to Ukunda. 
Now the person that was supposed to be making the arrangements did a shoddy job at it and by the time the girl was getting to Mombasa had already given up on her and left. So there she was, calling me to inform me that the one who was supposed to pick her up was off net. Someone sent a cab to ferry her over so that she could be able to catch transport to Ukunda before it got too late.
All this time, I was constantly on phone(the mother I am) checking on her location every so often. Soon she called me to confirm that she was safely in a matatu on her way to Ukunda. The next problem was that the person who was supposed to have met her was meant to have booked her a place for the night. Now we were in a worse dilemma than before.
On reaching Ukunda, she called me up inquiring where she was meant to go to from there.The girl who was supposed to have made those arrangements had instead decided that she spend the night at a friend of hers for the night.
Since I did not know her well, I was uneasy with that arrangement and I got thinking fast. 
I thought of anyone I would know that side of Coast and that is when a twitter buddy of mine came to mind. I knew that he was quite familiar with coast and even if not able to save the situation himself would offer pointers anyway. And so I hit him up on twitter and explained the situation to him. He responded pretty fast and within no time had called up a lady friend of his who was willing to go pick up my girl for the night. 
I could trust him since we chatted often on twitter and anyway a mother can always tell who to trust. Let's just say that the situation was solved pretty fast and soon my girl was sleeping off fatigue in a warm bed at the kindly ladies house. 
This particular episode did two things to me. It went to affirm to me that there are still good people in the world, people who go out of their way to do good with no strings attached. The lady touched me so much, being ready to go out at that time of the night to pick up someone she had not met before to take her in to her house.
I may not be able to thank my twitter buddy enough for what he did that day and even  the lady who acted in all humanity to save a situation. But such people go a long way in proving to humanity that with just a little goodness the life of another can be impacted in a positive way. 
This post is a tribute to the two, for words cannot express my gratitude to you both. Thanks @njooro for all that you did that day and to the wonderful lady Gee, May God bless you abundantly. Anyone in need of direction while at the coast can hit my friend up and he will link you up with a good hotel or home stay.He is trustworthy and brilliant, I would know. You can reach him at @njooro or travelguru.co.ke

18 January 2014

A life of victory.

I hope that your new year is going on fine. There is usually so much to do at the start of a new year that one can get overwhelmed. I have had so much to do that it seems a 24 hour day is not enough for me. Yet here I am, grateful to God for the many times that he has come through for me in awesome ways.
Last night I was watching a certain evangelist online and he said something that touched my heart. Speaking in a room full of women, he spoke about the difference in the way that men and women deal with stuff. While a man will quickly get over something very drastic and move on, a woman can have some attachments that are un-put-downable(sic)throughout life. 
Many of us ladies carry so much baggage, some of which we need to let go so as to get on with life. It seems men are better at forgiving than we are mainly because of the value that we attach to relationships as ladies. 
I kept nodding throughout the one hour session but one thing struck me most of what he said. Every woman has a secret that she guards almost with her life.
We hide that hurt in our hearts very well with our smiles and hearty laughs. We convince the world that all is well with us yet this thing plagues us all through out. It becomes a burden that we carry since we can not will ourselves to let go of it. 
It might be that someone hurt you so bad that you are not able to reconcile yourself to that fact. This person keeps coming up in the most unusual places and you cannot seem to let go of the hurt. It could be a child or even a spouse that did something unforgivable to you. You will be surprised how many parents are hurting from stuff their kids did to them.
Perhaps a complete stranger did something unforgivable to you as well. With no reason at all this person managed to change your life destiny with that one action. You might have tried to rationalize the reason why this happened to you with no success. 
God is calling you to offload what that person, the one whose name you cannot bear to hear mentioned and get on with life. Forgiveness is more about personal healing, you do yourself the favor when you forgive another. Most people think otherwise though. Think of how much Grace God has given to us that while we were bent on taking our own way he wills us back to himself.
We are sinners, only saved by Grace. It is a continuous thing for me to tap into God's grace everyday. His grace is sufficient to me to carry me through the journey. It is not easy at times since I am flesh and blood and my body has a will of it's own. Yet it is in realizing my vulnerability and going back to the cross of Jesus that I am able to remain standing. I cannot do it on my own, I need Jesus close by my side. 
For it to work I have to let go of past hurts and disappointments and focus on him alone. It is only by doing this that I am able to live a life of victory in Christ Jesus. Not by my strength for I am weak but by the strength of the one who died to free me of all sin and shame. 


01 December 2013

The society is rotten to the core.

Sunday evening and I step out of the house to see off some lady friends who had come over to dinner at my place.The usual chit chat as happens with ladies gets us standing at the bus stop a while as we exchange final stories about our kids, life, stuff ladies talk about. 
Right across where we stand is a car packed. We do not notice it until a young girl comes out of it.She looks unhurried as she proceeds to wait outside the car. What happens next manages to stop us talking about stuff and change our focus. Next steps out an old man. I mean, he is old enough to be the girls grandfather. He has a word with a watchman and walks right across the road to a chemist. We can only guess what he is gone to purchase. On his way to the chemist he passes right where my three friends and I are standing. He is old with falling hair.
We decide to watch the unfolding scenario for a while. The old guy spends a while at the chemist and his lady friend calls him on her mobile. Perhaps she feels he is taking too long there. But he is old and all his actions are slow. After a while he steps out, accompanies his lady friend across the road to some rooms right right above a pub. 
As we stand there trying to let it all sink in, we notice 3 even younger girls. These surely must be primary school kids. They are dressed up in ways to appear older than they really are. They walk right past where we stand and a little way up the road a car stops. The three girls stop to talk to the occupants and that goes on for a while. Eventually, one of them get into the car and the other two walk on.
We are all silent now. Trying to come to terms with what is happening right before our eyes. Just then a motorbike passes by. Atop are a young guy and girl. We are shocked to see what is happening even as they ride past us. He has his hands all over her and she does not seem to mind.
Eventually we have to leave. Not many words are exchanged between us as we bid each other goodbye. I walk back to my house. I cannot begin to comprehend what I have just seen. Why would a young girl get involved with such an old man? Even if for cash, how can anything happen between them? How does she live with herself after tonight? What is that old man thinking? Just how far are people willing to go for cash?
It is a pathetic scenario, the way we have gone in our morals as a society. It begs an urgent call for change if we have to save a generation that seems so bent on self destruct that they do not seem to think about tomorrow. But even as I think of those gullible young girls, I wonder, who are those mature men who go sleeping around with them? Do they have kids of their own? If so, how would they feel if something like that happened to their own?
It is scary when we live in a society that it is every man for himself and God for us all. We need to be able to speak out about the moral decay in our society because none of us is safe in the scenario. This is where our own kids are growing up, who knows who they look up to? 
I think about this long school holiday. Some kids have just cleared form four and feel like the own the world. They will litter the streets doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I have seen them drunk, smoking God-knows-what as they walk around late at night from some crazed up hangouts. They engage in all sorts of stuff without the knowledge of their parents. Sometimes parents can do little even when they know of these activities. It seems to me that our young people have taken their parents and society hostage. They do all they wan to do as we stand aside and watch, helpless to take any action.