15 July 2014

Where did we get it all wrong?

There are many incidents in society that leave my heart bleeding. It surprises me how accommodating we have become of sin going by the wrongs that are facing our society. It is sad that those things that we should deal with aggressively on our knees seem to have found a place in our society where they are now becoming commonplace. 
The Bible over and over talks about the abomination of sin in the eyes of God. It is very clear that God detests sin and is abhorred by its presence in his people's lives. From the Old Testament days we read about God calling back his own chosen people from sin. For some reason, the forbidden fruit concept still appeals to so many people today. 
It concerns me what kind of message we as parents are passing on to the younger generation. When children grow up watching parents who are weighed down by sin, appearing to have no power over it then we have got it all wrong. There is no better evangelism for children than to watch their parents wrestle and win over sin and trial through the power of Jesus Christ. It seems as if Satan has put a veil over people's eyes so that they do not regard sin with the seriousness that it requires. Is it a wonder then, that we are faced with equally unique problems in our day?
A nation that has chosen another way from the one set by God cannot escape the woes of Satan. One does not court evil and escape Scott free. Christians the world over have been given power to trample on the head of Satan and are not using it enough. Let me give you a good example about what has been happening in my country lately. 
Kenya has been reeling under threats from terror and we have seen several attacks on our cities from these groups. This has left devastation as well as the economy of our country in chaos for a while now. Yet Kenya is a beautiful country with people who have beautiful hearts to match. Recently there were threats of upheaval from people who felt that the Government is not doing enough to combat the terror issue among other issues in our country. This was a delicate scenario given that we are still bleeding from the attacks that have been springing up all around us. 
It is one thing for people to put blame on the world machinery while forgetting to call on the name of the Lord. Our religious leaders got together calling for concerted prayer against any kind of upheaval in the land. For weeks leading up to the appointed date churches and members all over were called to serious prayer of the land. People were made aware what the implications of the action would be on the economy and lives of the citizens. Campaigns were started on social media and other outlets on the need to remain calm and peaceful. The day came upon our nation and found a people who were on alert to do the right thing and passed quietly. 

God is doing a great thing in our nation of Kenya and that incident made me realize that as Christians we have the authority given to us by God to combat any situation we come across. If only we would take up the responsibility with the seriousness it deserves then we would see a change in our society. We do not need to accept our young people engaging in all manner of debauchery knowing well this is the path of Sodom and Gomorrah as we can pray against the vices. No longer do we have to watch underage children suffer the effects of indulging in alcohol because we can nip the vice in the bud. I believe if parents everywhere dedicated themselves to praying for their children seriously we would not have much of what is happening around us. It is time for us to realize that the power is in our hands as God's people and we need to take the responsibility of what he has given us seriously. Some of the issues can only be broken through prayer. 

Anyone who been at a place in their life when they had no choice but to turn to God understands the effect of fervent prayer. The kind of prayer that lays everything bare before God while reinstating his might in the situation. The one that comes from a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled to God in heaven. The kind that is offered by a person who has nowhere else to run. This is the prayer that moves mountains and brings change in our lives. Because ultimately God created us to need him every minute of our lives. When we do that he comes to effect change not only in our person but in the issues that surround our daily lives. 

08 July 2014

Once more.

Anyone who has been in trouble well understands the saying that Joy comes in the morning. These past weeks have been quite something in my spiritual life. God had been ministering to be in amazing ways, some that involved learning to lean more on him every day(and night). 
It is not in vain that as children of God we are called to put on the whole Armour of God. That has been my portion these last few weeks and I now understand even better that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. God is faithful though, to him/her who calls on him in the day of trouble. I have seen his hand in my life, so firm and heavy that I can only proclaim that It is God! Amen.

29 April 2014

Walk with me?

Been a while since I blogged, what with only a few breaks in between work and my new found love. Let me tell you what is top of my mind lately. Healthy living. 
If I am not doing exercise in my room(thank God for You-tube) then I am creating new (yucky except-to-me) smoothie recipes, or nibbling even more greens. My family really dislikes my new tastes but then, they will just have to live with it. No one said life was fair...
So I am very serious now about exercise and I regularly sweat it out before starting work. Good thing is that My office is right in my house so I can answer that urgent email and then get on with my exercise. I love working from home since it gives me flexibility to manage my time. I am often surprised  that I am able to keep off watching movies and really get engrossed with my work. Back now, to my new love.
I have discovered that with all the sitting around I need to work out to avoid getting stuck to my seat. Even though I am not guilty of overindulgence in the way of meals(most lunches are skipped anyway) I still need to cut me off some slack.And so I have gone back to swimming, apart from my 3-4 times a week house workouts in my room. I love swimming and this past weekend I must have lost quite some pounds at the pool.
So what got me going, you might ask. At some point in life, you come to a realization that it is your time to take care of yourself since all along you have been looking out for others. Ever since I can remember, I have barely had time for myself what with family and work. And then it hit me that I need to give `me' some attention. Since it hit me, quite some changes have occurred. I decided that I deserved to get control of myself and take my own fun into my hands. And so I no longer think twice about putting my favorite scent into my shopping basket or just taking off to have a dip in the pool. I have learned that nothing will go terribly wrong just because mum is not home on a Sunday afternoon. 
Having gone off oily foods and stuff (fizzies off the list), I feel much more in control of myself. No longer do I have to struggle to go up the stairs but I feel much better about myself. Exercising has given me a whole load of control over my life and I am all the happier. It is amazing how great one feels after a work out(intense) and how much less of junk i now take in. I have targets I need to attain with this healthy living life.I am well on my way there but in the meantime this feels great. 
My next objective is to  swim in the rain. I hear the water is warm  when it rains.I plan on finding that out soon enough.When I do, there will be no stopping me. That and my house workouts, is going to keep me well toned out after hours at my office.
Nothing beats taking time to do what you love,  what gives you that deep down satisfaction. No one sets the rules,but you and you can change them anytime. You will be amazed that even your family will appreciate you better when  you take good care of yourself. Try it, see.

21 March 2014

Called to be sensitive

If you look around you there is a lot of people that could use help from you. It is easy to get so caught up with chasing after stuff that we sometimes forget to look out for one another. We forget that no matter how much we achieve in life if we are surrounded by others who are struggling then it will not be all joy for us too. 
God created us to need one another and when we attempt to be self reliant not needing those that God has placed around us then we miss out a lot of what God has in store for us. It is important to remember that you cannot make it on your own no matter that you might have all that you need since there are some things that only another human being can do for you. It is more useful to think about people who pray and stand with you throughout life's journey. 
God uses people to bring blessings to us. It might be that person who stands with you during a particularly trying time in your life. Or the friend who sticks with you closer than a brother. It might even be that person who you meet by chance and they give you a word that is particularly relevant to a situation that you could be going through. I like to think that nothing happens by chance to those who trust in the Lord.
As humans we are created to desire sharing our lives with others. When we attempt to quell this need then we lose the very essence of being created by God to look out for each other.There is a favorite song that I like to listen to, one that blesses my heart all the time. 
A young man narrates how coming from a poor family his siblings and he often went to bed with nothing to eat. The story goes on about how he would often cry out to God about the situation at home and also offer comfort to the other kids since he was the first born. It was a painful experience having to watch the young ones going to bed hungry but there was little he could do.
This went on for most of his young life and he kept on praying to God to come and change the situation in his family. Things seemed so bleak that no help seemed to be coming their way. Then one day the family got an unusual visitor. He drove up to their mud hut with food in the boot that would last them a month. Aside of that he offered the father of the home a job and so left with him that day.
Anyone who has had an angel come to them just when they needed help knows what I am talking about. The phone call that comes through just when you are almost giving up. That email that makes you give a shout of joy after receiving what can only be the best news in a long time. Better still it is that person who knocks at your door at a time that you are hungry for ministering from God.
We need to be sensitive to each other for this is the will of God for us. There is so much fulfillment in doing something that brings change in a person's life. More often we are called to give of our time, money and substance as well. Look out for opportunities to give since you will be doing the will of God. 
There is always someone who could use a word of encouragement. Reach out to them with love and if you ask God he will direct you on the way to minister to them. When you go through for someone at their point of need you extend the love of God in the world. It is only when we are there for each other that we are able to pass his love to mankind all over the world.

27 February 2014

Real sex.

I was listening to a local radio station this morning discussing a topic that I have held back on for quite a while and found myself nodding all the way. It was about the effects that pornography has on the users and also the truth about the emotional side of sex.
Having observed the younger generation I am still in shock at what they are missing out in the area of relationships and sex. For them, it has become sort of a `status quo' kind of thing to sleep with anyone who cares to notice. What we see thus is a generation of people who do all they can to look attractive and sexually appealing on the outside while completely disregarding the emotional part of it.
It is no longer necessary to woo a girl, just drop a few lame sexy lines and you got yourself a lay. The girls do not seem to care that there is often no emotional attachment and seem to view anyone who asks for a roll in the hay as a one sent from heaven to rescue them.
What this has led to is a generation of young people and those young at heart, who do not require a good reason to hop into bed with a guy. There is no way you will meet someone for a short time and claim to know them well enough, complete with their sexual history.
Much of the crazed sex escapades stem from the stuff that people are watching on any screen available. Pity that pornography is available to any (even school kids) and it is no wonder that we are seeing a generation, both young and old, of people who have perverted the very act meant for commitment and sanctity to something piteously cheap.
Pornography doubtless does not add any value to one except to create an unnecessarily insensitive atmosphere for sex. Anyone who is (or hopes to one day be) in a loving relationship should steer away of anything that does not afford the partner an equal amount of pleasure. It is selfish and immoral (and even inhuman) to take your fill as your partner suffers pain and humiliation in your hands.Much like animals that do not care about how their partner feels since it is just copulation to them.
It is evident from the breakdown in marriages and relationships that the element of selfishness has quickly crept in sex too. Since only the physical need is met the ladies are let wondering what happened to the bonding that they expect therein. There is bound to be trouble when one partner feels like he/she is always on the giving and never the receiving end.
And so anyone wishing to engage in the act should use the human approach to it and leave the wild acts and the unpleasant language to the beasts. Girls remember the soft words spoken to them by a love crazed man years later. And men rarely take some wild crazed girl to the altar since that is a recipe for disaster.
God did not make sex as a tool of commerce nor as a way of fulfillment for one partner only. He made it so that two people who care deeply about another can express their love in the most intimate and rewarding way possible without shame and rebuke. All other adaptations of sex are mere fakes that will eventually come tumbling down leaving  behind broken hearts and at times irreversible consequences.