19 April 2011

I will be with you.

She was wailing. I did not understand what it was she was saying but her distress was oh so obvious. She kept repeating the same words over and over again. In the midst I heard the name Brian. I asked her about Brian. She told me so much I did not understand. And the name kept coming up again. Brian.
It was at the hospital and we were counselling with patients that day. Much of what we had seen so far was pure agony. Sick people all over, some too sick to utter a word. Then me and my colleague had been drawn to this loud wail. One that can only come from a mother who has lost a child. Brian.
We did what we could even with the language barrier. Some things cannot even be said in words. Someone at the hospital understood her language and was able to calm her some. He kept repeating some words in the language. And was able to soothe the lady. Slowly she gathered her baby's clothes and put them in her bag. They were all she had to remind her of her beloved child. I will never forget the look on that lady's face. It will forever remain imprinted on my mind.
Two lessons I learnt that day. In life, there will come a time when noone identifies with our feelings. Yes they understand. But only we know the depth of what it is that is going on with our lives. This is a time that we need a rock to fall back on. One that is strong enough to hold us up despite what may be going on in our lives. And will not let through.
Lesson two is the power of touch. Immediately he put his arms around this wailing lady, she almost quieted down. She needed to feel that someone was there for her. Someone that understood her well. Someone who was willing to help her rise up even in her grief. The human touch is a most valued tool to bring restoration to a broken soul. How much more the touch of Jesus!
The woman with an issue of blood only needed to touch the hem of his garment. And she was healed. Amazing, isnt it? It could change the course of someone's life. And help restore lost hope in another. And form a bond like no other. 
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