18 April 2011

I heard this and thought long and hard about it before I decided to share. It is on a well-loved topic. Relationships. Sounded interesting and the longer I thought about it, the more I begun to see some sense into it.
There are four stages in any marriage. We begin with the "honey" stage. This is the one where all seems dreamy and out-of-this world. At this stage the couple is fresh in love and probably newly wed. There's not a speck of fault about each other and life is all rosy and out of the movies.
Then comes the after honeymoon stage. At this stage, small specks of dirt begin to appear on the formerly clean surface. At this stage, the couple begin to fall back into living their lives the way they used to do before marriage. Some ideas clash and so do they. The lady begins to notice the toilet seat and the dirty socks anywhere but in the laundry basket. And the husband suddenly realises that she does not cook as well as his mama did. That leads to the next stage.
Disillusionment. By this time the kids have probably come into the marriage. The couple is trying to balance their work life with bringing up the little ones. There is a whole lot of stuff going on and sincerely,  the two are wondering if they can balance the lot of it. At this time they could begin to fight. Due to the pressure of work, parenting and so much going for them, one may begin to feel short charged. Right there is trouble brewing.
The last stage is the ideal of any relationship. It is acceptance. At this stage, the couple has worn the good fight, stayed strong and realised that no change is forthcoming from partner. They have accepted each other, just as they are. You see this in the elderly couple you see in the neighborhood. They walk together, share everything and do stuff together. With the kids grown up, all they have is each other and they so need each other. And he is even doing stuff he should have done earlier in life. Like waiting up for her to slowly catch up with him.
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