19 September 2011

Women on a revenge mission?

Lately, there have been many cases of women beating and injuring the men in their lives. It seems that they have learnt from the men and learnt rather well. And so women are choosing to battle it out physically and leaving a trail of injured men in their wake. Men too embarrassed to admit that they are hurting and cry softly in their hearts.

It does not make it justifiable for a woman to beat up a man. Neither does it the other way round. But it is happening more and more nowadays. The patience levels between spouses and and those dating is lower. Issues that are best solved in the silence of the night, are now being broadcast to all and sundry. All this has been happening. But now the roles have reversed. The hunter has become the hunted.

Contrary to the women, the men are not talking about it. They choose to suffer in silence lest they become the laughing stock of their peers. And so a man will bear with the battering in silence mainly because he's  dependent on his wife or he has the welfare of the children at heart. Both no excuses to stay in an abusive relationship. And so now counsellors are having to contend with preaching the same gospel. But to a different audience.

Women are more stable economically these days. We are seeing more and more self-made ladies. And they are bent on going for the highest. Nothing will stand on their way. Not even their husbands. That's if they do not help them achieve their set goals in life. And so more and more men are starting to feel like they are in the way of their wives' quest for success. And face dire consequences when they protest. Leading to relegating of roles.

A man's basic need is respect. A woman's Love. And so when those ingredients are lacking in a relationship there is bound to be trouble. Respect a man and he will walk the desert for you. Love a woman and she will give you her all. Unconditionally. And so when a man lacks respect from his wife two things happen. He could either wither and be a broken soul or he could come out fighting. The women have learnt the two options very well. But now prefer the later.

She might not get physical if her man is loving and supporting to her. Even if he is wanting in other areas. But she will not take a husband who does nothing to support her morally and is not loving to her. Or is a hindrance of sorts. This is the type of man who will face the wrath of a woman on the move to the top. No stopping her. Men had better learn to love their wives.

A man who has been physically abused is a sorry sight not just to his wife but to his kids as well. He presents the picture of a fallen hero. Whereas he should be leading his family along he barely can lift his head to direct them. A real sad state for the kids who should be looking up at him as their model. And so a woman's role even while pursuing her own interests is to dish respect to her husband. And he to love her.

Failure for each party to keep their side of the bargain is the root of trouble. A case of unfilled roles leads to each party having a feeling of dissatisfaction that often culminates in a breakdown of their effectiveness in performing their roles. And that, is usually the beginning of trouble.
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