25 July 2011

Weekend with friends

     This past weekend was rather interesting. I made time to visit with my lady friends, one who has a son named van dame. It was a rather interesting visit because at van dames' house I found him, brother and dad watching football.
There is something about men watching football together that I cannot quite put my finger on. Sort of like a 'comrade' kind of feeling. Ever tried making conversation with guys watching a match? Kind of like talking to oneself.
And so yesterday at my friends' house we got to spend about an hour just conversing. Just the two of us. It was there that I learnt a lot about house dressing.
     My friend is a designer of anything house beautiful. And so she took me through photos of stuff that she makes. Simply beautiful. And she does it with a passion. She showed me samples of stuff she makes and I was left in awe. From beautiful curtain dressing to beautiful seat cushions in all shapes (sweets?). At some point we had to enlist the help of a not-so-enthusiastic van dame to help put up some fabric. All this time the football match was on.
     There is something divine about two women going through beautiful stuff together. We spent most of my time there peeling layer after layer of fabric and shared lots of stories in between. Pure girl talk. We castigated men and football and their lack of interest in all things nice. Occassionally we would take a peek at the three men seated watching football, oblivious to all else. We were  in our own world abeit with those three totally football absorbed men.
      A beautiful house is soothing to the soul. It feels good going home to a beautifully decorated house. The interior decor of a house tells a lot about the owners. From the colors used to the way things are put together. I once visited a friend of mine and was amazed to find so much pink in her bathroom. She said it had a soothing effect on her. My bathroom is mainly green. The color of life.
     Coupled with my discovery of the beauty of splashing colors in the house, came the realisation that each one of us is gifted in different ways. We just need to go find out what it is that we enjoy doing effortlessly. And if it makes us money as well, then the better. Just as my friend has found out.

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