30 May 2011

Ups and downs.

That was a terrible week. It had to do with my sick little girl. Now if there's anything that sets me off it is sickness. Especially to the the kids. I remember our first child falling sick. It was a week after we were discharged from hospital when we'd noticed a small pimple on the face. Then a fond auntie mentioned that we needed to have it checked out! Did we run to Aga Khan hospital! The Doctor took one look and asked me, is this your first child? And sent us home with a smile. From there begun our numerous runs to the hospital. The complaints ranging from baby is not feeding well to the baby seems to not open her eyes well. Only to realise that it was a case of the bedroom light being too strong.
But there have been a series of serious stuff too. Like this time our second seemed to be having problems breathing. Believe me we rushed to Getrudes at midnight and had to have the baby on oxygen.I only realised after the Doctor finished examining the baby that I was in some not-so-decent nightclothes. But there I was thanking God for the panic attacks! I shudder to think what might have happened had we waited till morning.
And so this past week we were battling with a sick child. Our last born. She had this horrible fever that would not break. Even after she was put on serious antibiotics for treatment of some stomach infection and a myriad of drugs. One night last week we practically sat up the whole night! And so I was thinking of all past episodes that I have had with all three of our kids at the hospital. Then I remembered this.
Our first was sick. And was referred to a Doctor in Hurlingham. Hubbs agreed to take her there. But on getting there, he faced a problem. The Docor needed a stool test. He was promptly handed the necessary equipment and asked to deliver the stool. And so he got confused. His first dilemma was where he would take the girl. She was 6 years old. And so, should he take her to the gents or the ladies. Somehow the ladies seemded more appealing. Next dilemma was, how to get the sample in a not-so-big container. To sum it all up it was aa horrid experience for the two, one that only served to make me tip over laughing when it was recounted to me.
And you would think with the various experiences we have had I would be used to a child getting sick. No am no better. I still panic when any of the kids falls sick. And yes I do pray for them seriously. Hubby has a tough time trying to calm me down and is usually trying to convince me that the child is not so sick. Most of which is proved right at the Doctor's room. But this last week, even he panicked! And I knew, things weren't good.
Child is all good now. Even back to school this morning. I am glad i took time off to be with my child. And nurse her back to health. And have the satisfaction of having been there for my child when she needed me most. Oh motherhood!
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