18 May 2011

manners maketh a man

Like it or not, appearance does matter. Picture this. You take your elderly mother to see a Doctor. After waiting at the waiting room for a while you are called in to the Doctor's Room. You find this warm, chubby middle aged man in the Doctor's room. He shakes your hands and invites your mum to the only seat available. Downing his glasses and clasping his generous hands together, he proceeds to inquire of the patient's state. Mum begins talking with a sigh.
And now this. The same hospital visit with your mum. On entering the Doctor's Room you find this young looking man. He Dons dreadlocks(no pun intended) and his expensive perfume permeates the Room. You notice his sharp dressing and the open page on his phone-face book. He invites you to the seat..none of you  in particular. Any of you can take the only available seat. Your mum fidgets in the seat.
There's always something about appearance. First impressions last. And there are stereotypes attached to certain people. Like the rude tout. Or the courteous receptionist at the five star hotel. And so it pays to remain within the walls of what it is the people you come into contact with expect of you. Especially on the work front. Reviewing the needs of your clientele is important. Knowing them and respecting them is even better.
I remember this time I was going for an interview at a certain firm. On arrival at the reception, 15 minutes early, I was met by this receptionist. She ushered me to this seat, asked my preference of a drink and invited me to await my turn with a smile. I felt at home sipping my tea in the cool area and the cool music helped to remind me of home. Needless to say, when I finally went to face the panel I was already beginning to feel a bond with this firm.
And so yes I believe appearance does matter. It helps boost my  confidence when I appear appropriately geared for the occasion. It also puts all those around at ease because yes my appearance is in agreement with what I portray. As opposed to if I attend my child's school meeting in Jeans with dangling earrings chewing gum loudly?
Noticed the contrast of how people dress when they are going to church as opposed to the previous day? It sends out a message to those around us even, when I take time to appear appropriate. Same thing when someone is going out clubbing and dresses to express that carefree mood. Appropriate because soon there will be others who share your mood all around you. So anything under the sun can be justified for appearance. The tourist at the beach walking around scantily clad is excused on holiday. Even when she walks the streets in the short khaki shorts. But you wont catch her looking like that in her workplace. She will be properly adorned with office gear and a nice set of earrings.
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