16 May 2011

Tickled silly

Having a sense of humour is a lifeline. It helps if you can find something to laugh about in even the most absurd situations. I have found that if I can find something to laugh about I don't need to think of any other stress release.
And so yesterday I was sitting at a hospital waiting room. My little angel fell last Friday bruising her knee while on the school games day. I tried everything from some hot compresses to rubbing some ointment but the leg was still stubborn. And so yesterday I decided to take her to see a Doc. Possibly he could confirm hubby's statement that nothing was broken and the pain would go away with time. Hubby reckoned that the girl just had swollen lymph nodes.
And so yester morning I set out with her to the Doc. Hubby too.  And so we are all three in the waiting room when I see this  other patient. He is walking by unconcerned with one big gauze sticking out of his nose. Now that really set me off. I started with a shocked giggle. And I could not stop laughing. All sorts of scenes started going through my mind. Mr. Bean.....Hubby looks up and realising that he had to do something offers me a shoulder. By now I am rocking with laughter. Tears are aactually falling off my eyes. To any onlooker I look like am in so much pain needing a Doctor instantly. Thanks to hubby's insight. Otherwise it would have seemed so unkind laughing at a patient.
When it is my turn to take my girl in, I am beaming. The Doctor looks up surprised to see such a happy mum. With a sick child. I try to keep it all inside me, my secret source of amusement. Which is not ruined when Doc confirms hubby's insights about the lymph nodes. Even hubby's I-told-you-so look does nothing to kill my amusement.  Until the patient with gauze in the nose comes knocking at the door. It is that he had a simple case of nose bleeding. That explains the gauze. And so with our visit over, he is coming in next to have the Doctor remove it. I take one last look at him and this huge bubble of laughter spills over. I am practically quacking with laughter as we leave the Doc's office and hubby has all but given up trying to cover it up.
I Leave the hospital feeling better. Much better. My baby is going to be well. And I just had a dose of laughter to last me the week. No guilt feelings too.
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