02 November 2014

A friend in deed!

This post is a tribute for a friend of mine. I had the privilege of meeting her when both of us were just starting out in family life. I was young and in need of guidance while she was still fresh in family life. Yet something brought us together, rather someone who could only have been God.

Working together in a certain firm, I found out that we had quite a number of common goals with her. She was keen living right and I was struggling to find my way in life. We got a chance to share and it was that time that I noticed her passion for Christ. I was still not born again yet but I admired the way that she appeared so composed and in control of her life. I thought to myself, she must have a secret, one that makes her so purposeful and I need to find it too.

Needless to say she worn me over in time and I gave my life to Christ. She is my spiritual mother, the one who taught me most of all that I know (and remember) to date. There were serious topics for a new believer since I had to learn to memorize scripture too (you never know when you might need to quote the Bible, she told me). None of that made much sense to me then but two years ago, when I was in the midst of fierce spiritual battle, it all fell in place. Enormous sense!

Some of her lessons were fun too. Like when she told me that I could pray about anything and everything (I loved my nails then). And so some nights I caught myself talking to God about the most amazing things, stuff I could not have imagined before he would have wanted to hear. I carry that habit to date, it has rubbed off on my kids too.

My friend walked me the path of a new believer and for over 22 years has been doing the same. She always knows what is going on in my life, I run to her about all the major decisions in life. I trust her entirely, I have realized, a trust born of knowledge of the love of Christ that emanates out of her. Did I mention that she makes the most wonderful cakes as well? My family has been treated to more cakes than I care to count and it is no wonder that my youngest always thought she had a Hansel and Gretel home.
This post is in recognition of a true friend. One who has been there through thick and thin. One who always has an answer to all my questions and finds time to offer counsel. One who has set the pace for me and others with her love for Christ and the way she lives her life.

WN, I love you so much. I would not be where I am today if it were not for you. I am writing this with tears in my eyes,overcome with emotion at the gift you are in our lives. I will never be able to repay your goodness to me, but God above, who sees all will reward you. You are a true emblem of the Proverbs 31 woman. I am so glad that I learned from the best and together with my family wish you and yours God's eternal blessings. May he repay you, in triple measure, all that you have done for me especially in those times when no one else would. Amen.
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