29 April 2014

Walk with me?

Been a while since I blogged, what with only a few breaks in between work and my new found love. Let me tell you what is top of my mind lately. Healthy living. 
If I am not doing exercise in my room(thank God for You-tube) then I am creating new (yucky except-to-me) smoothie recipes, or nibbling even more greens. My family really dislikes my new tastes but then, they will just have to live with it. No one said life was fair...
So I am very serious now about exercise and I regularly sweat it out before starting work. Good thing is that My office is right in my house so I can answer that urgent email and then get on with my exercise. I love working from home since it gives me flexibility to manage my time. I am often surprised  that I am able to keep off watching movies and really get engrossed with my work. Back now, to my new love.
I have discovered that with all the sitting around I need to work out to avoid getting stuck to my seat. Even though I am not guilty of overindulgence in the way of meals(most lunches are skipped anyway) I still need to cut me off some slack.And so I have gone back to swimming, apart from my 3-4 times a week house workouts in my room. I love swimming and this past weekend I must have lost quite some pounds at the pool.
So what got me going, you might ask. At some point in life, you come to a realization that it is your time to take care of yourself since all along you have been looking out for others. Ever since I can remember, I have barely had time for myself what with family and work. And then it hit me that I need to give `me' some attention. Since it hit me, quite some changes have occurred. I decided that I deserved to get control of myself and take my own fun into my hands. And so I no longer think twice about putting my favorite scent into my shopping basket or just taking off to have a dip in the pool. I have learned that nothing will go terribly wrong just because mum is not home on a Sunday afternoon. 
Having gone off oily foods and stuff (fizzies off the list), I feel much more in control of myself. No longer do I have to struggle to go up the stairs but I feel much better about myself. Exercising has given me a whole load of control over my life and I am all the happier. It is amazing how great one feels after a work out(intense) and how much less of junk i now take in. I have targets I need to attain with this healthy living life.I am well on my way there but in the meantime this feels great. 
My next objective is to  swim in the rain. I hear the water is warm  when it rains.I plan on finding that out soon enough.When I do, there will be no stopping me. That and my house workouts, is going to keep me well toned out after hours at my office.
Nothing beats taking time to do what you love,  what gives you that deep down satisfaction. No one sets the rules,but you and you can change them anytime. You will be amazed that even your family will appreciate you better when  you take good care of yourself. Try it, see.

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