19 September 2013

The cost of compromise
Many Christians are living compromising lives. They are faithful in their church attendance, very open handed in giving and have a real strong connection with their faith. The attempt to lead a victorious Christian life is there yet they still miss out on the full benefits in their Christian walk because somewhere along the way they have compromised.
It comes in many ways but I speak of the most common ones that I see. The impression about a person is made even before they speak a word. Once you meet a person, a mental image of them is made in the mind. This is influenced by the way that person carries themselves. The way they dress and their mannerisms often are the first things that strike us about a person. Therefore, even before you strike a conversation your mind will have registered an impression of the kind of a person they are.
As Christians we are called to be different as representatives of Christ. When folks encounter us they should see one fit to carry the message of salvation to the world. The way we carry ourselves should make it easy to reach out to all persons with the love of Christ. Notice how easy it is to be open to a nurse in the hospital. The white starched uniform shows professionalism and it is easy to spot a person wearing white thus reach out for help. In the same way, the way a Christian gears should allow the person to be approachable since people are drawn to those who they find accommodating.
The way a Christian deals with the challenges of life is quite telling of the level of his faith. Since those around us notice our reactions to somewhat challenging situations, Christians need to model their faith in God by allowing him in whatever it is that might come their way. People need to see the calmness in having the master of the universe take control of the situations in our lives. This in itself is a testimony that we know just who it is that controls our lives.
Often times I have heard words come out of a person’s mouth that do not quite fit in with my perception of him. As Christians we need to ensure that what we say is meant to uplift a fellow person and not to tear them down. As ambassadors of Christ we need to dwell on good thoughts and allow only positive words to come forth from us. This way we shall be in a good place to offer comfort and even draw others to Christ by representing him well with our words.

On the other hand, when Christians live lives that are no different from others there is so much at stake. Since evidently no one will want to emulate a person who does not live what they say, many souls that might have been worn to Christ will be lost. Our sole reason for being here on earth being to live lives in a way behest with the Character of Christ then failure to do so will defeat our very purpose in life.
Let us all endeavor to represent Christ in all that we do. Once we saturate ourselves with his word then all that we are and do will tell of the love of our master. In return people will seek to know him having had a taste of his loving kindness from their encounter with us. Do you love Jesus? Go on, represent Christ today. You might be the only one who matters!
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