16 August 2013

When the sun shines no more

At times along the path of life we encounter dark days. Days that are so dark that it seems the sun will shine no more. We grapple in the dark trying to find something to hold on to with no success. We turn to those around us that we consider close to us but they offer no solace either. Such is a good time to turn it all to God. Because where man falls short God takes up and completes.

It might be a mother with a sick child who has constantly pleaded for the child's healing on her knees. She has done all she could do for the child but nothing seems to change. She has cried out to God more times than she knows but yet the condition remains the same.

It could be a man who haplessly watches his marriage fall apart as a result of unresolved issues with his wife. He wonders about the fate of his children if a divorce should happen. Knowing too well the impact that would have on the little ones is what breaks his heart over and over again.

Or it is that one who has just found out about a serious health condition. The blow seems irreparable since the news are so fresh. He wonders how to tell his family and about the effects of the sickness on them.

God specialises in turning around such seemingly hopeless situations. It is when we have come to the end of ourselves that God steps in and takes control of the situation. In all his mighty power God comes in and deals with the situation in such a way that leaves no doubt of his presence in our lives. God delights in taking up the difficult situations in our lives for the Glory of his name. It is his way of proving that in this day and age he is still God.

He calls out to you to take your burdens to him. He understands your pain and will make it bearable if only you take it to him in prayer. He is reaching out to you to offload your worries, that thing that is beyond you to him. He is able to deal with it and bring victory in ways you do not know or imagine. And yet all it takes is your faith and that one important step of faith to get him working out things for you.

Trust God with your burden. It is his speciality.Then sit back and watch him at work in your life.

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