06 June 2013

God's favor doses

God has been sending doses of favor my way lately. He has been surprising me when I needed it most. Which has been often lately. God has surprised me by revealing to me that it is the small things that matter most. Perhaps his way of telling me to let go of the big stuff and enjoy the seemingly usual stuff in my life.Like the new neighbor's little boy next door.

He is just about 2 years of age. He is a chubby little fella who takes pleasure in running up to me every day when I get home and giving me a bearhug. Most often I have to lift him up and with my kids all grown I had forgotten how it feels to cuddle a little one who fits in perfectly in my arms( and likes it). And so it is a custom I now look forward to every evening that the little boy will stop playing with the others once I get home and come running to hug me.
I am getting used to having a little person trailing me in the house thus. Trying to decipher his needs because he does not speak audibly is also becoming part of the deal. And so most evenings and weekends when I am home I can be found tying up little shoe laces once my little friend decides to leave to his house next door or talking (seemingly to myself) to him with no response expected.

This little boy has brought joy in my life. It is amazing that he often visits my house and leaves me more happy and refreshed from his little presence. I find myself enjoying doing stuff for him because he is so accomodating and deserving of my attention. And in so doing i get so much joy. I call him God's little dose because when he is around he lifts my spirit in an exceptional way.

Then there is my cabbie. There is nothing as refreshing as having a reliable cabbie. This one is always available any time of day or night. One who goes an extra mile at his job. I have known him over an year now and cabbie is a blessing to me and my family. Doesnt talk much but he will take us where we want to go. He is the kind that I can entrust to drive my children somewhere without me.

I have learned a lot lately about things that I often take for granted and what they mean to me. Good health and shelter. Most times i am trusting God for some big things, stuff that could turn my life around but latelly he is sending his love in little doses. He is showing me love in places that I have not been looking. In ways that I often take for granted. I am enjoying his new style. In the meantime I am busy appreciating the love he sends my way.
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