19 November 2012

Have we come to this?

A man is meant to represent authority in a family. The very presence of the family head is meant to bring a feeling of protection to his family members. But that is not always the case these days.

There is always a ripple effect of anything in life. We are living in times whereby we are bombarded with sexual insinuations all around us. For a product to sell it has to come with some sexual allure. This ranges from cars with beautiful dames strandling the bonnet or a cereal that is supposed to make kids grow into beautiful(read sexy) adults.

What we all dont realise is that those images we view all around us, coupled with others easily available on the internet do not come without a price to pay. A child grows up knowing that to be someone in society she has got to be appealing bodywise. The boy on the other end, grows up believing that he has to prove his worth by chasing anything in skirts(that has changed though).

What we have at hand is a variety of people who have come to believe the lie that if it comes packaged well then it is worth taking. There are no longer strings attached to matters sex as it is just another conquest for anyone worth their salt. After all, isn't it all about feeling good about myself that matters? Evil has never been so colorfully packaged.

We are now suffering so many repercussions but the one that pains my heart(and any other parent's) is the sexual abuse of children. Our little innocent angels have suddenly become pieces in the chess game of life. Once hooked to sexual perversion people soon tire of the ordinary and soon go in search of the out-of-this world quest. Thus the increase of sexual perversion of all manner.

Why any able bodied grown male would want to molest a child of six years is beyond human understanding. I often wonder if it is the cry of the little one in pain that serves to give so much pleasure to these people. Or is it the helplessness of the child? Any parent will cringe when they think of such an incidence yet it is happening all around us.

Our children are our future.A child that is abused over and over again tends to grow up to believe that it is normal. These are the ones who go on to perpetuate the same on children later on in life. That is if there is no intervention for their cause. And it is needed for their sake and ours.

Social evils affect both the perpetrator and the society. We all need to reevaluate our values and say no to turning into a sexual society. Not everything rotates around sex and most certainly our children have no role in the whirlpool of seeking sexual gratification.  

Until we succeed in inculcating the sanctity of sex in our society then it remains the cheap, no-strings-attached affair it is today. We should not let the children be experim ents of deranged adults who in the search for gratification will go for anything. We need to come out strongly against this for the welfare of our children and our future.

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