23 July 2012


The story is told of David in the Bible. He was disadvantaged right at birth because of his birth order. Being the youngest of the brothers he was the least viable to be king. And yet it was David that God had chosen to be king, him who was the least qualified by human standards.

Picture that day when Samuel went to anoint one of Jesse's sons as king. David must have been going about his business tending his father's sheep unaware how things would soon change for him. Being the youngest in the family would have meant that he did what it was that he was instructed to do. Tending sheep must have been something he did not quite mind because when he was called to be anointed he was glowing with health was of handsome features.

David went on to do exploits which included fighting Goliath because he was chosen by God. He did exploits because the hand of God was upon him. This is a wonderful story on how much more important it is for us to have a good standing with God than with all else. It is a typical manifestation of the importance that God attaches to his chosen.

We are living in a world that attaches meaning to human connections. It centres on our own ability to achieve on our own. And yet Christ has called us to be different. We need to seek his hand upon our lives by yielding to him and allowing him to take charge of our lives.

It is wonderful to be chosen of God. We see it in the days of old how those that God chose enjoyed unmerited favour in their lives. Not to say that God chooses people who are without fault or who live lives with no challenges. But when God has chosen one he walks in the authority of God upon this world. Such a person will have a special anointing to do what he would not otherwise do on his own.

It is wonderful to be chosen of God. The tasks he puts ahead of us may not always be pleasant ones but it is comforting to know that he will go with us. Being chosen means that God will go alongside so that he can prove his might through exploits done by his chosen. It means that God can entrust us with seemingly impossible tasks which we then accomplish by his grace. Being chosen is operating on God's Grace nonetheless.

As Christians we are the chosen of God. We are called to live lives that prove the power of God in that we do exploits for the Glory of the Lord. The beauty of it is that we do not need to lean on our own understanding to do this. We just need to yield to his leading and hearken to his call in our lives.

It is a one who is yielded to God that will not hesitate to take up impossible situations because he has God on his side. Such a one will forge forward even when the battle rages on because he trusts the one who brought him into it to take him safely through. This is one who will not lean on his understanding but depend on God to take him through lifes' journey.
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