05 January 2012

Don't quit!

Life was not meant to be easy. It is folly to expect otherwise. But that does not mean that when things do not go our way then we should quit. No, never. The making of a great person is in the way they handle challenges in their lives. Because challenges are in actual fact, growing blocks. Let me explain.

Several years back, my family was up to the neck facing challenges. The kind of challenges that would actually bring despair to anyone. We were living by faith. Coming from a very stable income to none is a daunting challenge. Especially when it affects both spouses at the same time. And so there we were, trying so hard to pick ourselves up and also to maintain the standards the kids were accustomed to. A futile attempt.

Up til this day, all I remember was the pain. Nothing worse for a parent like having the children sacrifice the kind of life they are used to. It was a struggle every day just to get the very basics. At that time though, my family got real close up since we spent much more time together. We also had enough time to fellowship with each other and members of our church. God amazingly came through for us in our wilderness. It was a real tough time though, the answer might have been to quit. But we did not even think about it.

Suffice to say, we all came out of it with some lessons on life. At times you go through stuff that no one else can identify with. Not their fault, it is just your time. And the only one who understands you is God. He alone understands what it is that you are experiencing. God used amazing ways to provide for us. And from that day we at my family learnt to trust fully in God. Even at times when it makes little sense. We learnt that God can move mountains. We understood the real meaning of Jehovah Jireh!

And so it amazes me the number of people who are opting out of live just when the going gets tough. I wonder why such loose hope so fast. If only their faith in God was strong they would look up to him when all else is crashing around them. Because they is nothing  impossible with God. He does make a way where there is no way. Believe me, he has done it for me. And all we need is to cast all our burdens to him. Though when you think about it that is not an easy task. Trusting someone else with your life. But it is makes all the difference when that one is God.

This January alone there have been several cases of people who have taken their own lives. Reason being that they failed at one thing or another. My heart goes out to that person who comes to the end of himself and has noone to turn to. Who does not have caring brethren around him to point him to the will of God in his life. But then the message of God's saving grace is all around. It's in the music and the christian channels.

Everyone has their own share of experiences in life. Some good, others not so good while others are traumatising. And so it matters who is walking this life with you. It should be one who can shoulder the events of your life effortlessly. Who will not leave when everyone else does. Who understands just what it is that you are feeling. As for me I have decided to follow Christ. Because he has taken me through stuff noone else would. My Rock, my salvation. I stand to testify of the power of God in my life. And invite you to do the same.
May you find God while the year is young. May you continue walking with him this life's journey. May he be your strength. Do not quit, God is able!

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