14 October 2011

sexual innuendos

Slowly we are going to the dumps. As a society and a people. The deteriorating morals of our society are a pointer to just how far gone we are in this. And we have only ourselves to blame. Because we take anything that comes our way. Right or wrong.

At any one time a people should have a set of principles. These govern the way things are done and prevent extremes. And so the idea of taking in all sorts of stuff that comes our way is not right. It begun with the explicit TV commercials that had strong insinuations to sex. We protested a while but then went silent after a while. It is nothing but cheap to compare an object like a car to  female anatomy.

With the reign of unrestricted Internet now, what we are going to see is even more ridiculously devious acts. Once those addicted to the stuff get all so used to the same, they go in search of a new high. This could come in various forms all which are unacceptable in society but which all seem good to the user. What we have is a culture of feel-good people who will go to any length to achieve this feeling however short lived.

It is no wonder then that a girl would go on radio begging a man to go over to her place for some action. And in explicit language too. This seems to me like a person who has got to a level of what feels good for them is a must get, no matter what. And to beg for it too? So desperately too? We all need to be worried of this trend. This is the society our kids are growing up in. And it does not discriminate, could even suck in those old enough to know better. Needless to say, if exposed to any rot one gets used to it after a while. And so what we need to be fighting is the exposure. To an extent this might help especially to impressionable minds like the children.

It is indeed frightening how many people go on radio discussing intimate details to listeners. And all too willing to hear presenters. The results are a conversation that is well peppered and served to a willing audience that soaks up details and even finds humor in the same. Needless to say, anything sex is a crowd puller. Advertisers know this fact well and use it too. So did our society long ago in the years of ere.

Those people of old knew all to well the sanctity of sex. Thus they discussed it in low tones. Even those societies that gave sex education to unmarried girls did it under the watchful eyes of elder women. Anything close to a display the goods, so to say, was immoral. And should be. It should not be too hard for anyone to know that what is easily available is taken for granted.

And so what we as a society should be fighting for is to replace those old time lessons with modern more relevant ones. Given in a way that the youth can identify with but also keep their dignity intact. This way, sex is neither a taboo topic nor made so cheap so that it can be had with no holds barred. That way then the society will not be so open to foreign ideas on the same that serve to give a misguided idea of how a God ordained gift should be utilised.
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