21 March 2014

Called to be sensitive

If you look around you there is a lot of people that could use help from you. It is easy to get so caught up with chasing after stuff that we sometimes forget to look out for one another. We forget that no matter how much we achieve in life if we are surrounded by others who are struggling then it will not be all joy for us too. 
God created us to need one another and when we attempt to be self reliant not needing those that God has placed around us then we miss out a lot of what God has in store for us. It is important to remember that you cannot make it on your own no matter that you might have all that you need since there are some things that only another human being can do for you. It is more useful to think about people who pray and stand with you throughout life's journey. 
God uses people to bring blessings to us. It might be that person who stands with you during a particularly trying time in your life. Or the friend who sticks with you closer than a brother. It might even be that person who you meet by chance and they give you a word that is particularly relevant to a situation that you could be going through. I like to think that nothing happens by chance to those who trust in the Lord.
As humans we are created to desire sharing our lives with others. When we attempt to quell this need then we lose the very essence of being created by God to look out for each other.There is a favorite song that I like to listen to, one that blesses my heart all the time. 
A young man narrates how coming from a poor family his siblings and he often went to bed with nothing to eat. The story goes on about how he would often cry out to God about the situation at home and also offer comfort to the other kids since he was the first born. It was a painful experience having to watch the young ones going to bed hungry but there was little he could do.
This went on for most of his young life and he kept on praying to God to come and change the situation in his family. Things seemed so bleak that no help seemed to be coming their way. Then one day the family got an unusual visitor. He drove up to their mud hut with food in the boot that would last them a month. Aside of that he offered the father of the home a job and so left with him that day.
Anyone who has had an angel come to them just when they needed help knows what I am talking about. The phone call that comes through just when you are almost giving up. That email that makes you give a shout of joy after receiving what can only be the best news in a long time. Better still it is that person who knocks at your door at a time that you are hungry for ministering from God.
We need to be sensitive to each other for this is the will of God for us. There is so much fulfillment in doing something that brings change in a person's life. More often we are called to give of our time, money and substance as well. Look out for opportunities to give since you will be doing the will of God. 
There is always someone who could use a word of encouragement. Reach out to them with love and if you ask God he will direct you on the way to minister to them. When you go through for someone at their point of need you extend the love of God in the world. It is only when we are there for each other that we are able to pass his love to mankind all over the world.

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