18 October 2012


I am waiting. Waiting on you Lord for direction. I have spoken, called out to you the best way I know to. Still, I await your signal in my life. I require your authority in my life. I am waiting to see you fulfill your promises in my life. You promised, remember?

My heart will not faint. We have history thus my trust is in you. How can it not be, when I have witnessed you, faster than chariots, come down to save me from destruction? I have seen your mighty hand move to change situations in my life. Situations noone in this world would deal with. I hold in my heart a testimony of a mighty God. Show yourself strong once more. Speak, Lord and let the mountains in my life be removed. All I need is to hear your voice once more.

Yet the memories remain with me cementing my faith in you. Of the wonders that you have done in my life. I have witnessed different faces of you Lord. Jehovah Jireh, you provided for me while I was in my desert. Jehova Nissi, you have protected me. You have given me peace Jehova shalom, even in the midst of my storms. I stand a living testimony of your saving power in my life.

My heart will not faint. I choose to wait on you Lord. Give me direction for my life. Wisdom that comes from you. I claim your promises upon my Life. Hasten, Lord do not let me faint. Lead me where you want me to go Lord. I humbly await fulfillment of your plan for my life. In the meantime I continue basking in knowing you as my God. Speak, Lord, just one word from you will change everything in my life.

02 October 2012


My story has been published! It is in the anthology by Oaktara publishers named-my love to you always.The book will be on sale on http://store.oaktara.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/OakTara/app_200829146697795 in the next one day or so. Here is a taste of it and be sure to tell me what you think of my story.