01 December 2012

My second anthology book is out!

29 November 2012

A Village Christmas

I am dreaming of Christmas. Not the town one where all that happens is sitting up half the night on Christmas eve watching a movie on TV or for those that like going out, having an excess and coming home noisily the next morning.
 I enjoy most of my Christmas holidays back in the village. That just seems so right for many reasons. Growing up, I remember the excitement that came with Christmas. Right from the beginning of the month of December, plans were made for the big day. Parents did all they could to get new clothes for their kids. That special cockerel was assigned for the Christmas table. Sometimes it was a goat that faced the knife at Christmas.
As the day neared, the excitement would be palpable. Relatives would come to visit bearing gifts of all kinds. They usually brought along their kids who would stay several days before heading back. At times the favour was returned. To entertain our visiting cousins, we took them for walks in the fields and played in the open. It would be a tired team that would trudge home at dusk.
 A week to Christmas, there were singing groups that consisted of village youth who went around homesteads singing Christmas carols. They would come at night, do their thing and then await goodies from the home owner. Woe unto you if you did not come out of your warm bed to present them with a chicken or gift of sorts! For you would find your compound littered with smelly waste the following morning. I got to learn that the gifts would be put together for a Christmas Eve party for the youth.
 Talking about the Christmas Eve bash, this was every parent's nightmare. This was because it was the meeting point for the young boys and girls alone. The wise parent made sure their youth stayed in that night. It was there that the young ones went to try out their all night dancing skills. What followed was a number of girls being expelled from school due to pregnancy. The youth would hold these bashes in some open field somewhere in the light of a full moon. They carried with them one of those music players that would blare loud music. At intervals the music would stop and the bearer claim that the batteries were down. Those in attendance would then have to make some monetary contribution to keep the music running.
Christmas morning was a great time at the village back then. The children usually woke up to tantalising cooking smells from the family kitchen and last minute preparations for the big day. We had to get ready for the Christmas service on time to be able to secure a seat at the church. This was because of the unusually big crowds that would turn up including those who did not frequent church on other days. There would also be those that worked away in the towns that would be home for Christmas as well. With the schools being closed it seemed everyone was home for Christmas.
After the service, families retreated to their homes for the feast. It was a day that would find many people visiting one another at will. The goodwill on that day would be amazing. The message of love for mankind and new hope was well lived out on that day.
This time I will be going to the village for Christmas. It will be different though because times have changed. There will be no youth groups singing carols door to door. But the children will be at will to visit their cousins and play out in the fields. They will be more excited about spending time out of town than the delicacies that will come with the day. I expect to be roused from sleep, early Christmas morning by that old village woman that I have not seen whole of this year for her share of breakfast. In all, even if much has changed in the village Christmas will bring the usual cheer of sharing love with those around. That, is  a custom that has remained at my village of which I am truly proud.

19 November 2012

Have we come to this?

A man is meant to represent authority in a family. The very presence of the family head is meant to bring a feeling of protection to his family members. But that is not always the case these days.

There is always a ripple effect of anything in life. We are living in times whereby we are bombarded with sexual insinuations all around us. For a product to sell it has to come with some sexual allure. This ranges from cars with beautiful dames strandling the bonnet or a cereal that is supposed to make kids grow into beautiful(read sexy) adults.

What we all dont realise is that those images we view all around us, coupled with others easily available on the internet do not come without a price to pay. A child grows up knowing that to be someone in society she has got to be appealing bodywise. The boy on the other end, grows up believing that he has to prove his worth by chasing anything in skirts(that has changed though).

What we have at hand is a variety of people who have come to believe the lie that if it comes packaged well then it is worth taking. There are no longer strings attached to matters sex as it is just another conquest for anyone worth their salt. After all, isn't it all about feeling good about myself that matters? Evil has never been so colorfully packaged.

We are now suffering so many repercussions but the one that pains my heart(and any other parent's) is the sexual abuse of children. Our little innocent angels have suddenly become pieces in the chess game of life. Once hooked to sexual perversion people soon tire of the ordinary and soon go in search of the out-of-this world quest. Thus the increase of sexual perversion of all manner.

Why any able bodied grown male would want to molest a child of six years is beyond human understanding. I often wonder if it is the cry of the little one in pain that serves to give so much pleasure to these people. Or is it the helplessness of the child? Any parent will cringe when they think of such an incidence yet it is happening all around us.

Our children are our future.A child that is abused over and over again tends to grow up to believe that it is normal. These are the ones who go on to perpetuate the same on children later on in life. That is if there is no intervention for their cause. And it is needed for their sake and ours.

Social evils affect both the perpetrator and the society. We all need to reevaluate our values and say no to turning into a sexual society. Not everything rotates around sex and most certainly our children have no role in the whirlpool of seeking sexual gratification.  

Until we succeed in inculcating the sanctity of sex in our society then it remains the cheap, no-strings-attached affair it is today. We should not let the children be experim ents of deranged adults who in the search for gratification will go for anything. We need to come out strongly against this for the welfare of our children and our future.

18 October 2012


I am waiting. Waiting on you Lord for direction. I have spoken, called out to you the best way I know to. Still, I await your signal in my life. I require your authority in my life. I am waiting to see you fulfill your promises in my life. You promised, remember?

My heart will not faint. We have history thus my trust is in you. How can it not be, when I have witnessed you, faster than chariots, come down to save me from destruction? I have seen your mighty hand move to change situations in my life. Situations noone in this world would deal with. I hold in my heart a testimony of a mighty God. Show yourself strong once more. Speak, Lord and let the mountains in my life be removed. All I need is to hear your voice once more.

Yet the memories remain with me cementing my faith in you. Of the wonders that you have done in my life. I have witnessed different faces of you Lord. Jehovah Jireh, you provided for me while I was in my desert. Jehova Nissi, you have protected me. You have given me peace Jehova shalom, even in the midst of my storms. I stand a living testimony of your saving power in my life.

My heart will not faint. I choose to wait on you Lord. Give me direction for my life. Wisdom that comes from you. I claim your promises upon my Life. Hasten, Lord do not let me faint. Lead me where you want me to go Lord. I humbly await fulfillment of your plan for my life. In the meantime I continue basking in knowing you as my God. Speak, Lord, just one word from you will change everything in my life.

02 October 2012


My story has been published! It is in the anthology by Oaktara publishers named-my love to you always.The book will be on sale on http://store.oaktara.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/OakTara/app_200829146697795 in the next one day or so. Here is a taste of it and be sure to tell me what you think of my story.

03 September 2012


'Wake up, Wake up!" It was time to get moving. Carol prayed for another minute of sleep but knew that it would take a miracle to get a second more. She knew that if she did not heed her mothers' wake up call the whole family would be in trouble that day. It was 4am in the morning and unlike other eleven year old girls turning over in bed she had to wake up to go fetch water for domestic use. She would accompany her mother and other village women and kids to the well every early morning so that they could fetch the precious commodity before the wild animals beat them to the game.
School was a long forgotten dream for the children in the village. As soon as they turned nine they would drop out of the village mission school to help their parents fend for their families. If only they had even a http://www.water4.org/simple-solution/ to take off the burden of growing up to early! Carol was soon on the track alongside her mother and others walking to the well. They walked in groups to be able to fend off the wild animals that they occasionally came across on their path. It was a miracle that they made it this far with so many people suffering snake bites from the numerous such reptiles that shared their paths. Just recently a neighbour had been mauled by a leopard he had woken from slumber in the bushes.
Soon the group was at the well. They lined up to fetch water as another group stood on watch for approaching wild animals.They carried stones to fend off any unwelcome competition from the animals. Since the group consisted of women and children, it was not uncommon to hear screams renting the early morning air when a particularly fierce wild animal crossed their way. Then there was the never ending competition with the wild animals for https://water4.org/how-to-help/. If nothing changed for the people in this village then they would continue spending most of their time in search of water.
The Government had sunk several boreholes in the are but they were very far apart. The catholic church too had contributed by by drilling several such water holes. But they were far from sufficient for the people who not only needed to quench their thirst but also that of their animals being from a pastoralist community. Many folks in the village considered themselves the people that God forgot, what with the myriad of problems that they faced. Almost every other week children mainly under five succumbed to death from lack of http://water4.org/complex-need/and instead taking water that was unfit for human consumption. Diarrhoe was a common ailment here and the community found it difficult to trek miles away to the local clinic for treatment. They only had time to go in search for the precious commodity-water.
Carol, alongside other children could only dream of the day that they would be able to go back to school. This might only happen if more Good Samaritans took pity on their plight by providing more water that was clean for use and more accesible. That way the children could be released to go to school instead of spending more time fetching water. The women would also make time to visit the local dispensary for treatment since it would no longer be necessary to make endless trips to the waterhole. A few people around the world understood their need to http://water4.org/how-to-help/ but if only more would understand the importance of having clean drinking water to the whole community as a whole!
Many people in my country have stagnated lives for lack of clean drinking water. Mainly in the arid and semi arid areas peoples' lives have stagnated for lack of water. The Government's efforts are not sufficient to reach all the people. If only God would touch several others to come forth and in the spirit of Christ facilitate Clean water to people the world over. What many take for granted in their homes is a precious commodity to people like Carol and many others. The availability of the commodity will open doors for such people to engage in other activities that will generate income for their families. In essence, giving water to the thirsty people of the world is like giving them a second lease of life. 'Whatsoever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.'

31 July 2012

Crying child.

Last night was hard for me. I live in a block of flats and in one of the houses at a nearby flat there was a little child crying. At first I thought I was dreaming because the cries seemed so far off but in and out of sleep I could hear the cries. They were pathetic cries. The child kept calling out to the mother. Must have been a three to four year old. This went on for a while and at some point I stirred fully awake and realised that I was not dreaming.

I wonder how many other parents heard the cries of this child too. I could not bring myself to go on sleeping while this child went on crying. No matter that my own kids were safe and warm in their beds. And so 3am found me standing on my balcony trying to figure out what to do seeing as it is not safe to go out at that time. I was quite surprised that no one else even ventured out to try take a peek from their balconies. Yet I am very sure that had it been a fighting couple causing all the commotion many would have been out trying to catch the action firsthand. But for the crying child, noone.

A society's future is in the hands of the children. We should all be concerned about the children because they are the future of the nation. Children should be the concern of all whether we know them or not. Because you can tell the direction of a society by the way they treat their young. In this case we have failed miserably. God must be looking down on us and wondering just why we allow young children to go through so much trouble. The excuses are many though.

Any one should be moved by the cry of a child in distress. A child stands for innocence and thus it does not matter our disparities when one requires our attention. We should all be able to put our guards down and go to the aid of one such. We live in a society thus need to reach out to one another when they need us. When each one of us realises that no one is an island then we shall be on the right track. This might mean getting out of a warm bed to try and find out what is happening next door. Or telling off unbecoming behaviour in the right way.

When our kids see us reaching out to each other they grow up knowing that they too have a social responsibility to fulfil. They will then not hesitate to step in to a situation that calls for their attention. The current situation whereby it is everyone for themselves is not good. No matter how self reliant we are we all need one another. It is a need God put in the human heart to reach out to others because unlike the animals we are social beings. And so the sooner we all quit acting like we do not need each other the better for us all. Given, some may view this as trespassing but I believe what matters is how we approach the issue at hand.
Standing at my balcony that ungodly hour made me realise how much can be changed if we all made a little effort. I was lucky to speak to the child's guardian as they got out of their gate minutes later on their way to the hospital. While I may not understand why it took them so long to make the move at least I was able to go back to bed for the remaining hour before dawn knowing well that the situation had been resolved. With that were thoughts of the what kind of a society is ideal for us.

We can all make a difference. It is amazing how awkward one looks in this city when they extend a greeting to a stranger. No one seems to believe that a total stranger can just call out a greeting as they go by. One such is viewed with suspicion and often met with a steely stare. We all need to warm up to each other and opt to see the good in those around us not the bad. It is by building bridges to one another in all the small and big ways that we exemplify the true meaning of love. After all, the greatest of them all is love.

23 July 2012


The story is told of David in the Bible. He was disadvantaged right at birth because of his birth order. Being the youngest of the brothers he was the least viable to be king. And yet it was David that God had chosen to be king, him who was the least qualified by human standards.

Picture that day when Samuel went to anoint one of Jesse's sons as king. David must have been going about his business tending his father's sheep unaware how things would soon change for him. Being the youngest in the family would have meant that he did what it was that he was instructed to do. Tending sheep must have been something he did not quite mind because when he was called to be anointed he was glowing with health was of handsome features.

David went on to do exploits which included fighting Goliath because he was chosen by God. He did exploits because the hand of God was upon him. This is a wonderful story on how much more important it is for us to have a good standing with God than with all else. It is a typical manifestation of the importance that God attaches to his chosen.

We are living in a world that attaches meaning to human connections. It centres on our own ability to achieve on our own. And yet Christ has called us to be different. We need to seek his hand upon our lives by yielding to him and allowing him to take charge of our lives.

It is wonderful to be chosen of God. We see it in the days of old how those that God chose enjoyed unmerited favour in their lives. Not to say that God chooses people who are without fault or who live lives with no challenges. But when God has chosen one he walks in the authority of God upon this world. Such a person will have a special anointing to do what he would not otherwise do on his own.

It is wonderful to be chosen of God. The tasks he puts ahead of us may not always be pleasant ones but it is comforting to know that he will go with us. Being chosen means that God will go alongside so that he can prove his might through exploits done by his chosen. It means that God can entrust us with seemingly impossible tasks which we then accomplish by his grace. Being chosen is operating on God's Grace nonetheless.

As Christians we are the chosen of God. We are called to live lives that prove the power of God in that we do exploits for the Glory of the Lord. The beauty of it is that we do not need to lean on our own understanding to do this. We just need to yield to his leading and hearken to his call in our lives.

It is a one who is yielded to God that will not hesitate to take up impossible situations because he has God on his side. Such a one will forge forward even when the battle rages on because he trusts the one who brought him into it to take him safely through. This is one who will not lean on his understanding but depend on God to take him through lifes' journey.

02 July 2012

Invitation to Accept Jesus

They sat huddled up together. There was so much fear in the house that you could actually put a hand on it. The kids hung on to their parents in hope of sorts. The two grown ups were a bunch of nerves too. This was bigger than anything any of them had dealt with before. There was no doubt that the family was under attack.

It had been going on for several nights now. They had tried seeking counsel from friends to no avail. No one seemed to know just what to do in the circumstances. Fear seemed to fill every room in their house. It was so real that none of the family members could bring themselves to be alone for a moment. This is how they had spent several nights in a row. Trying the best way they knew to fight off fear. It seemed like fear had taken over their lives and was threatening to suffocate them even further. They needed a bigger power to fight it but that was one thing they did not have.

Many people struggle with issues in their lives for such a long time on their own. The only way they get anything done is to do it themselves. They lean on their own understanding since that is all they know. They might have heard of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ but are not yet willing to let him in to all areas of their lives. And so many people are living lives that are oppressed for lack of anything better to do. It could be that illness that has found a home in your body. It helps if you take it to the Lord as he has asked us to take our burdens to him. He will make the load more bearable for us if we trust it with him. And he is faithful to fulfill his promises.

Nothing is too big or too small to take to the Lord. What might be impossible to us is very simple to God. But for him to get involved in our lives we need to ask him in. We give him a place in our hearts so that once he has a foothold he can then get to work sorting out issues in our lives. He cannot do that from the outside of our hearts. He needs us to let him in. Once he comes in then it becomes easy for him to deal with what it is we present before him because he has permission that we grant him on accepting him into our lives. That is why it is very important for every person to accept Jesus in his live because there will be issues in life that we cannot handle on our own. We neee to have him in our lives so that we can enjoy the fullness of his saving Grace to the full.

Each one of us needs something or someone to fall back on. And just like a child who is afraid of the dark we need one to cling on to when the storms of life come. But more important is forming a relationship with Jesus so that he is involved in all the seasons of our lives. He can be there to share our happiness and our sadness too. It is not enough to call on him just when the ship is sinking but to call on him when all is going on well too. There is nothing like sharing happy times with one who is close to you.

You will be amazed how much Jesus will do once you let him in. He will set to work so that your life will bring glory to his name. He will do well to make sure that anyone called by his name shall not be put to shame. It doesn't mean that our lives cease to have troubles once we accept him, it is just that it will be more bearable with him on our side. Jesus feels our pain and suffering. It hurts him more than we know when people struggle with so much on their own. So much of the suffering in the world would be easier if people would seek the help of the Lord. All other solutions cannot face up to Jesus. They may last but for a while. But when we let Jesus into our lives he not only changes circumstances in our lives but also brings a breath of fresh air our way. He enables us to go through live victoriously and most of all he walks the paths of life with us.

He will do it for you. He will give you a new lease of life. He will purge all the bad habits and you can start a new life. Forgiven of all the past. He will give you joy unspeakable so that even in times of pain you can lift up a song to him. If you invite him into your life you can cast your burdens unto him. No care will be yours alone. He has promised to. Try him and see if Jesus will not bring such change your way you will wonder why it took you so long to know him. Noone has come to know Christ and lived a life of regrets again. He makes all things new and will fill your heart with peace. All you need to do is ask him in. Behold, he stands at the door. Let the saviour of the world have a place in your heart today.

12 June 2012

Calling on all religious leaders

At this time in our country, people have more questions than answers. So much is going on and our people wander like sheep in the wilderness without answers. Lately we have been hit by a spate of accidents both traffic and otherwise. People are begging for answers, where are our religious leaders?

They are the ones who should have answers when noone else will. Try to make sense out of otherwise senseless situations. But their silence is deafening. It is like they are just as confused as the rest of us. I believe the call of God is such that they are answerable to the people they minister to. It is a responsibility given to them by God to shepherd his people. Part of which means trying to reconcile daily happenings with the will of God. If they are not doing it, who will? What hope is there for the people of Kenya. Are we naked and exposed with noone to provide the answers we seek?

It is well and good working to draw souls to Christ. But at a time when people are fumbling all over in search of answers then it would be well for them to take up their place and point the way out to them. Most of what has changed in this country is because religious leaders called out to the people to repent and get right with God. It was broadcast all over the need for us as a country to be right with God. There were those that made light of the situation but I believe that this country was saved of so much tragedy because people were called to come out and pray.

Given, there is the sunday call to prayer. But with the way things are right now we need more enforcement for things to go back to the way they were. Christians everywhere need to be called for united prayer. This is because some things happening now require more than casual prayer. They need us to go into fasting and cry out to God for our country. We need people to call out christians from slumber. Christians know that there are unusual things happening but it is the duty of those called of God to unite us into interceeding for the nation. They are too silent on issues facing the country.
There is a role that religious leaders have that is meant to augment the politics of the land. This is because they are meant to lead a people into repentance and crying out to God for the land. The Bible says that if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land 2 Chronicles 7:14. Yet we are all sitting on our laurels waiting for things to change. It is a lie from the devil for us to accept all the wrong in society. We cannot put blame on the Government either. That is where our religious leaders come in.

Years back, especially during election year, we had pastors calling out to faithful for united prayer for the nation. The prayers would unite Kenyans from different communities and I believe that it is the said prayers that have kept us anchored despite the storms. Even our politicians will bow down to the call of the almighty. So this time it is the pastors that are not utilizing the power given to them to lead people to prayer. People are too busy doing all else to go down on their knees and pray.

We sit under your wise counsel. We call on you when noone else will listen. You help lighten our burdens in life for which only God will repay you. We need you now to come out and tell us God's message for the country. Point to us where we have erred. We look up to you because we believe God had called you to lead us in his ways. Right now we desire to hear his voice to the nation through you. Will you stand up for him? Will you rely his message to us at this time? Will you pull us together so that all kenyans can stand in unity and call out to God for our land? Anyone?

23 May 2012


We are seeing an upsurge of people either taking their lives or those of the ones that they love. While many urgue that it is a result of poor parenting I beg to differ. Many such people just have poor coping mechanisms and do not have someone keen enough to notice changes of behaviour.

I have had the privilege to speak to someone who was having suicidal tendencies. He narrated to me how he would get this overwhelming feeling of helplessness come over him which would leave him depressed and looking for reprieve. In his case he turned to alcohol and did drugs. This would be of temporary relieve to him but the depression continued.

In the event that no one notices the change of behaviour, this person will eventually get hooked on drugs or alcohol not because he wishes to but in search of a way to escape the prevailing situation. But if someone close is keen enough to notice behaviour changes early then the situation could be saved.

It is amazing how quickly people dismiss suicide and other addictions as stemming from bad upbringing. This is a shortcut to bury our heads to the underlying factors that lead to this. While upbringing does have an effect on a person, it cannot be the culprit to the circumstances faced and a persons ability to deal with such.
I know for sure there are lots of people behind bars who should be in hospital instead. But such languish behind bars and do not even understand their actions. Except they find the all time healer Jesus Christ they leave the correction centres none the better.

We all need to be more involved with each other. The church has a big role to play in stepping in to correct behaviour and identifying those who may need further help. This is with close partnership with professionals trained for the job. If we all purpose to be our brothers' keeper and get involved with each other we shall have fewer people taking the easy way out.

Today is the burial of one such young person who took his life. A seemingly normal young lad going about life but then at some point decided he could not take it anymore. It is a sad state of affairs for all who loved him. They have to bear with the pain of the loss and perhaps guilt of what they might have done differently. Yet in all this the blame may not be theirs.

In olden days, the strong social fabric worked to ensure that people in society were responsible for each other. There was no two ways about it. If you found a young man misbehaving one had a right to stop him and seek to know his reason and even met out discipline on him. This kept people within the set boundaries because it was more like big brother was always watching. And could be anywhere.

Today with the self actualisation of independent lifestyle we are ill equipped to handle some issues in life alone. The fact that your neighbour does not care if you drink too much and sleep on your doorstep is working against us. It is this casual state of affairs that is plunging us further into dilemma. If we don't go back to the Bible teachings and be our brothers' keeper nothing will change. We might have to watch as others self destruct and feel nothing.

It is time we all wake up to the fact that there is no replacement to the human touch. Technology cannot replace the feel of flesh and blood relationship we have with one another. More meaningful relationships happen when we take time to relate with each other and offer a shoulder when all is not well. It is as God meant it to be. I believe he knows what  is better for us more than we do sometime.

08 May 2012


It was designed to be a culmination of the love between husband and wife. The expression of the ultimate feelings brought on by their love for one another. It was meant to be within the confines of the marriage covenant. But that is fast changing.

Sex is the ultimate expression of love between two people whose love is so deep that words cannot adequately express how they feel. These two people who have made a commitment that what they feel for one another is so true that they are willing to forsake all others to be with each other. It is a seal of a life commitment made.

But things are changing. Now more than ever, the marriage institution is facing more challenges than have ever been seen before. It is no longer considered necessary for a couple to have any form of commitment. Sex comes cheap as such many wonder why they need commitment when they can have it anytime with no strings attached. And this is the breakdown of the family set up.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Even in a marriage situation there needs to be something other than feelings to hold it together. Because when the youth years are gone and what remains are embers from yester years, there has to be a reason for two people to remain together.

Sex has been made cheap. Because it is what sells it is being used in business circles to provide the lure for sale. It is ridiculous to liken a smooth car engine with the flow of passion. Even more twisted to compare a bottle of beer to a woman caught in throes of passion.

The effect of all this negative portrayal of sex is that what God meant as a sacred reserve for marriage has become a tool to tantalise and lure people for all the wrong reasons. The commercials have become competition at depicting different scenarios of lust all packaged to sell. And sell they do. Because even with the negative portrayal sex still holds mystery.

There is magic when two people who genuinely love one another express this within the confines of marriage. To begin with, the two are at peace in knowing that theirs is a blessed union thus have nothing to hide. With no guilt and no holds barred sex in marriage is just the way God intended it to be.

In contrast what we are witnessing are people who jump the broom straight from binge drinking and are left with nothing in their arms when all the alcohol evaporates from their heads but regret. There is a whole generation of people who use sex for mere gratification and are not willing to commit further.

The book song of songs details the joy of two lovers who come together in true belonging. Nothing compares to the rich expression of their passion. Hidden in those words are feelings between two people who treasure their love for one another. These two yearn for each other. They possess each other thus lay claim each of the other. Theirs is love that thrives on the understanding that each belongs to the other. 

These two nurture their love. They openly express their feelings to each other. They take time to appreciate their different forms. Nothing is taken for granted. They appreciate their differences and openly marvel at each aspect of their differences. Theirs is a relationship born out of investing time together and being fully committed to their love.

How contrarily to those fleeting feelings that come with heightened passion. When two people who barely know each other come together just to quench the fires of their passion and remain none the better for no bond can come out of such! These are the ones who do not get to know the true bond of love and the security of claiming another in love. They come together purely for selfish reasons thus deny themselves the privilege of loving and having being loved exclusively by their one.

There is nothing that comes close to loving and being loved exclusively by the one in a blessed union. Those around approve of such. And above all, God in heaven blesses and smiles on the two with love.

27 April 2012

God of the Hurting.

There are situations in life that leave one thinking, did God actually allow this to happen? The answer usually appears so far-off in such instances. It looks all so gloomy and surely there cannot be a way out of it. One wonders if the sun will shine again.

I have seen different situations where a person is dealing with loss. I saw it when I went to counsel with a mother whose baby had just passed on at the hospital. At such times I lack words for the person. I will be there, listen to the person and cry with them. I cry a lot both for myself and others.

It cannot be easy trying to reassure a person who is hurting that all will be well again. That God cares. At that point that person needs to have a feel of a caring God that only those around can extend. But at times God actually reaches out and hugs the person with heavenly comfort.

So much suffering in the world. And we are loosing the art of comforting each other. We are all getting so busy that we do not have time to even listen out to each other. And so in the midst of us there are those that are hurting silently. It takes a heart yielded to God to notice such a person.

Given, the human touch is very important. We crave it even more when times are hard. I once went for a visit at the childrens' cancer ward. I saw so many sick children but one caught my eye. There was this one little child. The face looked too old for his age. And soon I was looking down at his little face. Then his frail little hand reached out to me. It must have been so much effort for him to stretch out for a touch. But he did. That has remained with me forever. I realised then the importance of the human touch. How much more for the hurting!

Look around. If you look more keenly you will notice someone who needs some encouragement. Someone who has been hurt by one they loved. Or a parent struggling with a difficult child. Another is trying to cope with the lose of someone they loved. All of us are fighting one battle or the other in this life. That is why we need to be sensitive to one another.

There is nothing as gratifying as seeing the face of one light up when we go out of our way to lighten their burden. It is the essence of being human. It makes ones step light and puts a spring to their walk. We are created to help one another. In both small and big ways. The burdens of the world are lighter when we all play our part.

Recently we lost some young people to flash floods in the Rift. Christian youth gone out to seek fellowship with their maker. Gone too soon. They will be laid to rest today. Their parents are hurting. But all I can do is pray for them and hope that they have enough support from caregivers to help them cope with the lose. That those around them will provide the hand of comfort that they need.

But in some instances only God understands. Because some hurts go so deep and are so hidden that only he knows. It is in that young girl who has suffered more hate than love. Or that orphaned mother who is struggling to make ends meet for her large family. Could be that family with a sick relative that has no funds to cater for the beloved. Their cry goes deep inside to the places that only God can hear. And he understands.

As Christians we are the balm of the world. We need to reach out to those around us who yearn for confirmation that God cares in the midst of the storm. And since they are among us it is our God given duty to seek them out and extend God's love to them. We need to represent God well in the way we extend care to those that need it most. For that, is our mission here on earth. And God is watching. Always.

02 April 2012

This weekend I travelled some. It was a welcome getaway from the fast city life. The slow pace of the country side always leaves me thinking life is easier that way. No alarm to get you hopping out of bed at those ungodly hours. No traffic snarl-ups to contend with. Waking up to the melodies of bird song makes it something to keep going back to. Never mind that dog that has invented a game chasing my chickens all round.I dont mind the endless cups of tea we guzzle with the village women sitting out in the shade sharing experiences in the journey of life. The warmth is simply incomparable.

But something else made this last weekend special. I had the pleasure of sitting in a sermon with one very humorous pastor. I love pastors with a sense of humour. And so he was talking about making use of the different gifts that God has given us. He told the story of a man that had the least expected gift. The man stammered. And like Moses this man could have thought to himself, now how do I make something of myself and yet I stammer. But he didnt. He decided to use that which he had to make something of himself. He went into marketing.

This guy got a job selling Bibles. At first those on the panel were hesitant to hire him but he pleaded for a chance to prove his worth. Prove he did! You see, this man would walk up to an office. He would then beg for a minute of your time. He would then start by explaining that he sold Bibles. That explanation would take like five minutes. By the time he was through introducing himself, one would already have found out his speed of speech. And so if yours was a busy office you would want to get through with him as soon as you could and get back to work. But it is his next statement that takes the cake. He would then go on and tell you that if you did not want to buy a Bible he could read one to you!

Of course noone would want him standing there reading out the Bible and so most people would opt to buy the Bible and get on with their work. And so this man used what might have held back many to sell the highest number of Bibles in the company! Much to the surprise of all! This guys must have had a sense of humour. To even think up something like that! And make money out of it.

Most of us go through life with so much untapped potential. Many focus on what they do not have other than how they might use what it is in their hand. God always uses what it is that is at hand to lift us up. It might be someone who has the gift of the garb and uses it to cheer others up. Or that person who has such a  calm look around them that goes to reassure others around them.What ever God has bestowed upon each one of us could be used for some good if we set our mind to it. And just like in the Bible days, God does not use perfect people. He uses people like stammering Moses. Or bad tempered Peter.

And so what it is we cast aside as not important may just be the greatest gift we got. And we may not even know. Up until someone else recognises our gift or someone else brings it out for us. It is those less likely ones that God uses and all for his glory. Because God uses not the obvious but what is available to him. Even if it is the least attractive he will repackage it and use it for his glory. Only if we yield it to him.

05 March 2012

Attitude is everything.

I was taking a walk just last week. Not in a hurry, just walking to the shops. Just alongside the pathway were two men walking. I heard them before I took notice of them.

One man was pushing a wheelbarrow. And he was talking with his colleague who was walking behind him with a spade. It was evident that these two were casual labourers off to some work someplace. Not the best of work but these two were simply exceptional. It made me realise how much we tell of ourselves to the world even without uttering a word.

They were in high spirits. That I could tell from the excitement in their voices. Then the way they were moving along too. It was two guys, full of purpose off for the day's work. Never mind the kind of work. But what they were saying is what caught my attention and made me ponder.

One of them was speaking. I heard him say how happy he was for the opportunity he had to work. He mentioned that it was a priviledge for him to be up early and in good health. Then he said what has not left my mind since then. Tugging his wheelbarrow along I heard him say that deep in his heart he knows that God knows what it is that he desires. That he believes that someday God would come through for him. It was the way he said it with so much conviction, that made the difference given his circumstances. And his colleague was in full agreement with him.

It made me think of how much we go about this life focused more on what it is we do not have. Oh how difficult life is and cry out to God to come change our circumstances. Little do we stop to think of the motive of what we ask. Neither do we find time to just engage God in a talk on his goodness. Just sit somewhere and savor his faithfulness. Much less testify of how much he has done for us.

You see, those two gentlemen ministered to me right there on the footpath. Just walking by holding a quiet conversation, they did. Made me think how much I needed to find time every once in a while to give thanks. No requests, just to give thanks for God's blessings. That was a  timely reminder.

It is all around us. God's goodness is all around. If we would just take time to notice we'd appreciate him for the good he has done for us. It is in the friends we have. Our good health too. Even in our ability to make wealth. We need to be grateful for even the most little things. Nothing for granted. This is as should be.

It is amazing how God speaks to us in modern day. Even in the midst of a busy day he will find a way to minister to our hearts. He understands us better than we do ourselves and knows the most effective way to speak to us. Ooh to listen for his voice in this rushed life! To stop every once in a while and embrace the goodness of him who loves us with a love everlasting.

It seems God ministers to me in the least expected places. And his timing is perfect too. Reminds me of a favorite story of the greatness of God. It makes a difference who is walking this life with you. A story is told of a mouse that needed to cross a bridge. And so he climbed up the ear of his friend the elephant. As they trudged along the bridge, it shook and swayed with the weight. Getting to the other side the mouse was heard bragging how he and the elephant had shaken the bridge together.

It matters who is carrying us through the seasons of life. If he is big enough to take us through. At the end of it all as we celebrate the achievements, we should remember to save the glory for him. With a thankful heart remember to thank God for going with us in lifes' journey. Just like the two gentlemen I met last week.

17 February 2012

Dont we just love pointing fingers!

It has happened again. Someone famous is in the limelight. For all the wrong reasons. He is getting a lot of bashing for it. So many people are out to express their disgust at him. I would too, if I didnt know better. Not to say that I agree one bit with what he has done. But I am not worthy to condemn. Really. Let me explain.

In the journey of life, we have been to places that we should not have gone to. Done things we should not have done. And it might not have seemed such a big deal to us when we did that. Perhaps we did not mean to go as far as we did. But it happened.

We are all quick to point fingers at others. I believe it is the human way to try and justify that we are not as bad. It is our way of shifting attention from ourselves. Surely our faults cant be as bad. And so we go ahead and condemn others. That one is a drunkard. Or a liar. Or of loose morals. Forgeting that placing a label on another has a lasting negative effect on them. And that most of us are no better. It is just that we got a second chance to better our lives.

I believe that noone desires to be of bad or evil repute. We all desire to be good. And that is why so many try to camouflage their bad side. But when it does come out like all evil does, then the reaction that comes with it will either make or break us. Acceptance and seeking a way forward often helps. So does trying to get to the root of the issue. Or better still involving a higher power. God.

Someone once told me the Henry Ford story. Once there was this man whose truck broke down. In the worst of places. And so he was standing out in that lonely place when this old man drives up to him and inquires of the problem. He was reluctant to let him in on the issue wondering what this old man could do afterall. But he tells him anyway. Not realising that he was speaking to the maker of the truck. How I wish we would all take life's problems to the author  of life. He will fix it all for us.

Most issues in our lives do not have a justifiable reason. They just happen. We make wrong choices not because of wrong upbringing or lack of else. Or we go ahead and flirt with something seemingly so harmless that lands us in the worst corner we can find ourselves in. All the ways of life.

I find that the way we live our lives is based on who it is that is with us in the journey. Because we tend to conform to the authority in our lives. There are those that are bent on the ways of the world. Anything goes, as long as noone gets hurt. Or finds out. Then there are those of us that conform to Christ. And accept his leading. Yes we do commit sin. And go off the way sometimes. But we are quick to seek to repair our relationship with God and continue in his leading.

And so I do not jump to judge. Because that person who made that grievious mistake is deserving of Mercy just like all of us. Rather than throw sticks and stones at him, I try to hear him out. Though not literally. What it is that could have led him to do what he did. And then I condemn that act of course. But I will not dwell on it. Rub it in. None of this helps.

Many people have had a turnaround of their lives from bad to good. I believe noone would bother trying to patch up their lives when all around him are crying foul. Those of us that did a turnaround did so because someone believed in us enough to see some good even when all others were baying out. That person who bandaged our wounds and set us on our feet again.

If we took time to help a brother up after a fall it would bring much change to the situation. Even the most hardened of hearts is moved by love. And so we might try showing more love to those who do not deserve of it. That way bring them to a point of remorse that might be their turning point. Might not work always but it is worth a try. Afterall when you think of it, which one of us does not have a dark closet. Which one of us is not deserving of mercy? Let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone. I rest my case.

06 February 2012

It happened when I saw you smile,
Your eyes looked into mine,
I've loved you dearly since that day,
Please be my valentine.

These were the words of my very first valentine card. From my hubby. That was so many years ago. Those words touched the very core of my heart. I took them to memory and until this day they remain in my heart. My very own treasure to cherish.

Lovers' day is just around the corner and I will most probably get another huge card with some loving words. But it is the words of that first card that linger. Said to a young heart they held so much meaning much as they do now.

I will forever be grateful for finding true love. For finding that one person who believed in me enough to fight for my love. To pursue my heart so artfully. I will forever celebrate the vows made before God and man. To Love, to cherish and to hold.

Everyone needs love. We all seek to find that one person who will love us endlessly without fail. One that we are willing to committ our lives to. Given, this search for love is as diverse as they come. Some have found love on the internet while others have met their beloved on the job. Different methods, same result.

More often than not those in love make time to be together. To get to know each other better. It has been said that a person struck by love is never the same again. And that one cannot hide the fact. Love has a way of showing through. In the least expected places. It is in the way Lovers touch. And the way they look at each other. Also in the way they are able to communicate their feelings, no words needed. Love is indeed divine.

Something so beautiful must be of God. As such it is meant to last forever. But many are the times when that sudden flutter of the heart is taken to mean that love has found us. Or when a physical attraction makes us think that we are meant to be. Love takes time. If it is the real thing it will stay. And so there is no need to fight for love.

Times have changed and what we see is the search for love in so many new ways. Gone are the days when boy met girl and took time and effort to get to know her better. Even dug up some info about her. What we are seeing nowadays is boy friends girl on facebook, they chat every minute of the day that is available offering details of their lives. Some false. Then with time they arrange a meeting and decide to formalise their love. Just like that.

I feel for all the people who miss out on the fun of dating. When a girl had to steal out to go meet a boy. And when they did meet it was not obvious that the boy would get more than a handshake. Those were the days. When a man sweated it out trying to win his girl. And when he did, it was well worth it.

While I have no qualms about the new way of things, I only wish that those seeking love would take more time to know each other. That the girls would not be so available at the slightest signal. After all, come easy goes easy. It is well worth the wait the time spent learning more of each other. The heart is too delicate to mess around with. Once broken, some do not recover. The effort is daunting.

And so I take this time to wish you all a very happy valentine's day. For all those who have found true love, hold dear. And to all those out there looking to find that special person I wish you well. Above all I wish you would involve the author of love in your search. He knows your needs and will let you find love if you involve him.

Happy valentines you all!

17 January 2012

I was listening to a message about the great Titanic. Interesting to learn that this great and mighty ship was named after the titans. Anyone who has watched the movie identifies with the agony those on board went through when that mighty ship took the final plunge into the ocean. It was a horrific moment in history to watch all those people struggle not to go into the ocean. Must have been worse in real life to hear all the screams of people trying to keep alive in the harsh icy waters of the ocean.

This message I listened to gave me an altogether new view of what really happened then. Says that there had been a warning to the captain of the maiden ship of an iceberg  ahead. Perhaps the message was not received on time or was ignored, we do not know. But the result of that one unrelayed message cost the lives of over 1500 people. People who had the opportunity to take the maiden trip on the largest ship afloat much to their peril.

It brings to mind the effect of unheaded warnings in our lives. Many are the times we get the red signals not just about the direction we are taking in our lives but also those of the society we live in. I have previously brought to attention the danger of the lifestyle of the youth in our society. Not much is being done to bring back our youth to sanity. It looks like society is resigned to letting our young people go to the dogs.

Sad thing when a society like ours does not care about a group that constitutes over half it's population and is viewed as the future of the society. The blame lies in not just in the youth but in the older folk who have left their young ones to themselves with no clear guidelines on how to go about life. And as a result of the void in the young people's lives they take anything that comes their way no reservations.

What we have told our youth is all just wrong. That it is well to just go with it and have some fun. Not knowing who it is that is in this with them. Some of the worst influence is found in the unending search for fun they engage in. And it doesnt matter that a few parents do all they can to make sure their kids turn out right because these kids still encounter others who have no holds barred. No telling what they get to learn from them.

And so it should concern us all seeing as to how our young people are falling prey to materialism and unlimited fun at whatever cost. It bothers me that these are the same people that we look to holding top jobs in the future and key responsible positions in society. Now if these people have no sense of responsibility and morals then just what kind of legacy are we looking at here. Goes without telling that these are people who will instil the same kind of values to upcoming generations and before we know it we will be a people whose morals stink to high heaven.

Top on your and my mind should be that no matter how well brought up kids we bring up if those around us are not making effort in the same direction then we are none the safer. And so what we need are efforts to provide ways for the highly charged youth in our society to channel their energy into instead of doing all the wrong things. Years back it was necessary for any young person going to campus to go through the National Youth Service. If you ask me this programme should not have been scrapped but enhanced for all the young people in the country. It was an excellent way to expose these young people to the harsh realities of life so that they came out of it with the necessary check on their actions and the knowledge of  real life out of the cradle.

I have heard it said that if you want to break a man you take him through a tumultous time and he will come out renewed. Community service especially among the less fortunate does wonders to anyone who has their priorities in life all wrong and may not be in appreciation of just how worse life could get if they are not responsible enough. It is in the service of others that we get to know our real self.

For those who may have taken the wrong turn in their lives all may not be lost yet. We need to have rehabilitation centres so that these people can regain control of their lives and live independently. I read with interest a story in the local dailies of a prisoner who went in for theft but has learnt useful skills while in there. He is even grateful of the opportunity he has had to enhance his skills and the discipline to be able to work for himself. It may not be a very attractive venture trying to teach responsibility to the youth but years later they will thank us for it.

Above all, it is our responsibility to ensure that we leave behind a generation that can sustain itself. This is our God-given responsibility and as leaders, parents and a society we need to embrace it with the seriousness it entails. Only then will we boast of having done a good job at passing on good morals to the young ones thus fulfilling our moral obligation to our young ones and the society at large.

05 January 2012

Don't quit!

Life was not meant to be easy. It is folly to expect otherwise. But that does not mean that when things do not go our way then we should quit. No, never. The making of a great person is in the way they handle challenges in their lives. Because challenges are in actual fact, growing blocks. Let me explain.

Several years back, my family was up to the neck facing challenges. The kind of challenges that would actually bring despair to anyone. We were living by faith. Coming from a very stable income to none is a daunting challenge. Especially when it affects both spouses at the same time. And so there we were, trying so hard to pick ourselves up and also to maintain the standards the kids were accustomed to. A futile attempt.

Up til this day, all I remember was the pain. Nothing worse for a parent like having the children sacrifice the kind of life they are used to. It was a struggle every day just to get the very basics. At that time though, my family got real close up since we spent much more time together. We also had enough time to fellowship with each other and members of our church. God amazingly came through for us in our wilderness. It was a real tough time though, the answer might have been to quit. But we did not even think about it.

Suffice to say, we all came out of it with some lessons on life. At times you go through stuff that no one else can identify with. Not their fault, it is just your time. And the only one who understands you is God. He alone understands what it is that you are experiencing. God used amazing ways to provide for us. And from that day we at my family learnt to trust fully in God. Even at times when it makes little sense. We learnt that God can move mountains. We understood the real meaning of Jehovah Jireh!

And so it amazes me the number of people who are opting out of live just when the going gets tough. I wonder why such loose hope so fast. If only their faith in God was strong they would look up to him when all else is crashing around them. Because they is nothing  impossible with God. He does make a way where there is no way. Believe me, he has done it for me. And all we need is to cast all our burdens to him. Though when you think about it that is not an easy task. Trusting someone else with your life. But it is makes all the difference when that one is God.

This January alone there have been several cases of people who have taken their own lives. Reason being that they failed at one thing or another. My heart goes out to that person who comes to the end of himself and has noone to turn to. Who does not have caring brethren around him to point him to the will of God in his life. But then the message of God's saving grace is all around. It's in the music and the christian channels.

Everyone has their own share of experiences in life. Some good, others not so good while others are traumatising. And so it matters who is walking this life with you. It should be one who can shoulder the events of your life effortlessly. Who will not leave when everyone else does. Who understands just what it is that you are feeling. As for me I have decided to follow Christ. Because he has taken me through stuff noone else would. My Rock, my salvation. I stand to testify of the power of God in my life. And invite you to do the same.
May you find God while the year is young. May you continue walking with him this life's journey. May he be your strength. Do not quit, God is able!