18 January 2014

A life of victory.

I hope that your new year is going on fine. There is usually so much to do at the start of a new year that one can get overwhelmed. I have had so much to do that it seems a 24 hour day is not enough for me. Yet here I am, grateful to God for the many times that he has come through for me in awesome ways.
Last night I was watching a certain evangelist online and he said something that touched my heart. Speaking in a room full of women, he spoke about the difference in the way that men and women deal with stuff. While a man will quickly get over something very drastic and move on, a woman can have some attachments that are un-put-downable(sic)throughout life. 
Many of us ladies carry so much baggage, some of which we need to let go so as to get on with life. It seems men are better at forgiving than we are mainly because of the value that we attach to relationships as ladies. 
I kept nodding throughout the one hour session but one thing struck me most of what he said. Every woman has a secret that she guards almost with her life.
We hide that hurt in our hearts very well with our smiles and hearty laughs. We convince the world that all is well with us yet this thing plagues us all through out. It becomes a burden that we carry since we can not will ourselves to let go of it. 
It might be that someone hurt you so bad that you are not able to reconcile yourself to that fact. This person keeps coming up in the most unusual places and you cannot seem to let go of the hurt. It could be a child or even a spouse that did something unforgivable to you. You will be surprised how many parents are hurting from stuff their kids did to them.
Perhaps a complete stranger did something unforgivable to you as well. With no reason at all this person managed to change your life destiny with that one action. You might have tried to rationalize the reason why this happened to you with no success. 
God is calling you to offload what that person, the one whose name you cannot bear to hear mentioned and get on with life. Forgiveness is more about personal healing, you do yourself the favor when you forgive another. Most people think otherwise though. Think of how much Grace God has given to us that while we were bent on taking our own way he wills us back to himself.
We are sinners, only saved by Grace. It is a continuous thing for me to tap into God's grace everyday. His grace is sufficient to me to carry me through the journey. It is not easy at times since I am flesh and blood and my body has a will of it's own. Yet it is in realizing my vulnerability and going back to the cross of Jesus that I am able to remain standing. I cannot do it on my own, I need Jesus close by my side. 
For it to work I have to let go of past hurts and disappointments and focus on him alone. It is only by doing this that I am able to live a life of victory in Christ Jesus. Not by my strength for I am weak but by the strength of the one who died to free me of all sin and shame.