28 October 2013

How cheap can sex get?
It is everywhere now. If you want to make a sale of anything just get an almost nude lady to pose in an ad and watch the open-eyed client troop to have a go at your product. That sex sells is an understatement. Sex peddles and fast.
Marketing firms are making a kill luring clients with almost naked models advertising their services. Many people are lured to the product by the almost nude models who serve to lure them to have a go at it.
Many view such advertising as harmless and argue that it is a case of getting attention to the product. What most people do not pose to ask themselves is what happens when all around us are insinuations towards sex that even our children are seeing all around? How are we as parents going to teach our children about the sanctity of sex while all around them they are getting the message that to sell anything it has to be packaged as alluring and come oozing with sexual energy to be relevant?
It is no wonder that we have cheapened sex so much that those who choose to stick to the Christian way of sanctity and faithfulness to one partner are regarded as oblivious to the God-given power to achieve all that they need in life. Where this leaves us is at a point that our young people are growing up with the knowledge that they can make it anywhere in life without hard work but by virtue of their sex allure.
Ideally, sex should only happen between two people who are committed to one another preferably in a marriage but this is not the situation on the ground. What we are seeing instead is so much cheap sex being passed around usually for all the wrong reasons. So if a young girl wants to climb the corporate ladder all she needs to do is find a man who will propel her up in exchange for a romp in the hay. And the young man is not left behind either. What with older women who are all too willing to exploit him sexually in exchange for cash.
As a society we have it all wrong. The message we need to preach to our young people (and ourselves) is that sex is not meant to be something cheap rather that God meant it as a way of procreation between two married people who are ready to deal with all the consequences. Yes sex does have strings attached which is one thing no one talks about. When you sleep with a person for cash or any other material gain you are cheapening it so much so that you eventually lose the real meaning of it.

It is no wonder that so many people now have lost all value of marriage. Why bother when you can buy sex when you need it without any commitment whatsoever! What we are looking at in the long run is a situation where people have lost the real meaning of being committed to another person, dealing with any conflict therein and still staying together by working at it.
Cheap sex has contaminated the way many people view it and has left a huge dent in the minds of many on their view of it. Sex is not a short romp in the hay between two hurried people with no obligation but real sex should happen only between two mature people who are willing to commit and use it as a way to strengthen the bond and keep the flame of their love alight. That is the way God meant it to be and anything short of it will come with dire consequences in the long run.